Meeting organized by Mazdoor Ekta Committee on Unemployment – the fellow-traveler of capitalism

On 27th June 2021, Mazdoor Ekta Committee organized an online meeting on the topic “Unemployment – the fellow-traveler of capitalism”. Workers, women, youth and political activists participated enthusiastically in it. Concerned by the burning problem of unemployment – which has started taking a severe turn due to the Corona epidemic and lock down – all the participants listened carefully to the presentation of Mazdoor Ekta Committee and also gave their views on the subject.

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Unemployment is an inevitable consequence of capitalism!

Presentation made by Mazdoor Ekta Committee in a meeting organized on June 27, 2021

Whenever you are travelling to work in the morning, you see workers in clusters at different labour hubs (places where unskilled and semi-skilled workers gather to seek daily work). Painters, plumbers, carpenters, masons et al with their tools, stand there, waiting to sell their labour power.

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