Onward with the struggle to end the exploitation of workers and peasants!

Call of the Central Committee of the Communist Ghadar Party of India on May Day 2022

Comrade workers,

Today is May Day, a day of celebration for the workers of all countries. In our country, workers in all regions are participating in militant rallies, meetings, and processions. We are celebrating the victories we have won and discussing the lessons from the setbacks we have suffered.

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Delhi state workers’ convention calls for strike on November 25, 2021:
Unite in struggle against the growing attacks on our livelihood and rights!

We are publishing here a report received from Mazdoor Ekta Committee, of the convention held by the Trade Unions Coordination Committee.
The Joint Platform of Trade Unions of Delhi held an important convention on September 30 in New Delhi. The convention assessed the grave situation facing the workers of Delhi, particularly those in the informal and unorganized sector. It gave the call for united struggle against the growing attacks on our livelihood and rights.

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