18th Lok Sabha Election Results:
Attempt to shore up the sagging credibility of the political system

Statement of the Central Committee of the Communist Ghadar Party of India, 8th June, 2024
The task facing workers, peasants, women and youth is to strengthen our fighting unity and escalate our struggle against the bourgeois offensive, in defence of our livelihood and rights. We must wage this struggle with the strategic aim of establishing our own rule – that is, the rule of workers and peasants in place of the rule of the bourgeoisie.

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State Elections:
 Dragging politics to the lowest level

Elections, whether for the central parliament or state assemblies, will remain a tool for legitimising the rule of the bourgeoisie until and unless the domination of parties backed by big money power is ended; and the political process is transformed to bring decision-making power into the people’s hands. Only then can the economic system be transformed from being oriented to fulfil capitalist greed to being oriented to fulfil the people’s needs.

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Way Forward for Workers and Peasants

Call of the Central Committee of the Communist Ghadar Party of India, 12 November, 2023
Workers and peasants need to become the rulers of the country and reorient the economy to ensure secure livelihood and prosperity for all. We need to ensure that the democratic and human rights of all members of society are protected, without exception.

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Coal workers oppose privatisation

Colliery Mazdoor Sabha of India (CMSI) recently held an anti-privatisation convention in Asansol in West Bengal. The focus of the convention was to highlight how the Central government was trying to privatise different operations of this industry. The Central government has already sold 37% shares of the public sector Coal India Limited.

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