On the Centenary of formation of the USSR:
A multi-national proletarian democratic state which protected the national rights of all

The 30th of December this year marks 100 years since the formation of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR).  It was formed as the result of the voluntary coming together of the Russian, Ukrainian, Byelorussian and Transcaucasian Soviet Republics.  They were national and multinational states consisting of nations and peoples who had been liberated from the rule of the bourgeoisie by the Great October Revolution in 1917

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30 years since the disintegration of the Soviet Union:
Socialism remains the only real alternative to capitalism

The birth of the Soviet Union following the 1917 October Revolution in Russia brought about a qualitative change in the international situation. The new Soviet state and the socialist system it defended became the aspiration and source of inspiration for the peoples of the whole world. The agenda of the working class occupied the centre-stage of political discourse. Even spokesmen of the capitalist class had to pretend that they are for some form of socialism.

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Lessons from history

Imperialism was and remains the source of war and conflict in the world

The Communist Ghadar Party of India is publishing a 6-part series to educate our readers on the causes that led to the Second World War, and the lessons to be drawn by the peoples.

Part I – Lessons from history

We must draw the correct lessons, so that humanity can put an end once and for all to the scourge of war and oppression of peoples.

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