From our readers: Our strength lies in our unity


In these times of absolute chaos and misery, this article has deeply connected with me by exposing the real culprits behind the current situation. On the other hand, the different struggles of workers taking place in every sector of society is very encouraging.

Some very crucial points that bring clarity are:

  • Workers are facing job losses in most sectors and even those employed are not paid for months on end.
  • Peoples’ saving are being given away and Employers’ contributions to the Employees’ Provident Fund (EPF) have been cut, as also the interest rate earned on this retirement fund.
  • The present situation has been used as an opportunity through ‘economic revival packages’ to intensify exploitation to maximise profits by extending working hours and cutting wages.
  • The Prime Minister backed by the capitalist class has called on all State governments to amend labour laws like minimum wage and 8 hour working limits among many others for which people have sacrificed their lives fighting for all these years.
  • The statement ‘In the eyes of the capitalists and their governments, we are nothing but beasts of burden’ describes the depth of what I feel as a worker in this society.

But these attacks have not cowed us down. Crores of workers from banking, telecom, railways, coal mining and other sectors are out on the streets protesting against the violation of their right to livelihood and basic human rights.

We have to become conscious that we workers belong to one class, with one common interest. We recognise our real enemy – the capitalist class which rules whichever party is in power. So let us not fall for the lies that it is this ruling party which is to be blamed for all our problems. Rivalries between parties are used to divert and divide us systematically. Life experience shows that parties come and go, while capitalist exploitation keeps growing from bad to worse.

The State (the ministers and members of parliament and state assemblies, the bureaucracy, the judiciary, police and armed forces) which is meant to protect its people is actually an organ of the capitalist class to oppress the workers, peasants and other toiling people.

Our main enemy is the Indian capitalist class in power, headed by the monopoly houses, and their imperialist allies headed by the USA. However, through the corporate controlled news media we are made to believe that it is the Muslims right now. At one time it was the Sikhs.

We who create the wealth of India must become her maalik.

I would like to affirm the essence of this article – it is to leave behind our differences of religion, caste, union and party affiliation, and strengthen our fighting unity to put an end to the capitalist rule that feeds on us like parasites.


Muskaan, Mumbai

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