The growing US imperialist interference in South Asia must be opposed!

"War against terrorism" is a war for the American conquest of Asia!

Statement of Communist Ghadar Party of India, June 12, 2002

Everyone can see that US imperialist interference and intervention in South Asia is rising. Every week, some political or military representative or envoy of the United States or Britain is visiting India and Pakistan these days.

"War against terrorism" is a war for the American conquest of Asia!

Statement of Communist Ghadar Party of India, June 12, 2002

Everyone can see that US imperialist interference and intervention in South Asia is rising. Every week, some political or military representative or envoy of the United States or Britain is visiting India and Pakistan these days. What is their purpose and aim?

It is claimed that the American and British envoys are here to strengthen the alliance against terrorism, and to ensure peace in the subcontinent. The working class, peasantry and peace-loving peoples of India and Pakistan must not fall for this blatant lie. The aim of the US and British imperialists has nothing to do with ending terrorism or ensuring peace. Their aim is to subjugate and control this region, as the key to the conquest of Asia. The strategic aim of US imperialism is to establish a unipolar world under its dictate. Terrorism and the "war against terrorism" are weapons or tactics to achieve that aim.

The hysteria about the "war against terrorism" is aimed at establishing the belief among the world’s peoples that the biggest threat to peace and security comes not from the imperialist powers, headed by the US, but from somewhere else. Their aim is to create a justification for imperialist aggression and wars of conquest.

The biggest danger to peace and security comes from the imperialist system of states headed by the US. Imperialist powers like the US need war and terror to maintain and expand their empires. Rivalry among the big imperialist powers and monopoly capitalist groups over the control of markets and sources of raw material, over spheres of influence and control of territories, was the root cause of the two world wars and the rise of Nazi fascism witnessed during the 20th century. Today, too, the biggest threat to peace and security comes from the imperialist system of states headed by the US and the intense competition and rivalry among the various imperialist powers for regional and world domination.

During the time when the socialist Soviet Union existed and championed the cause of creating a world without imperialist aggression and wars, US imperialism and its allies carried out aggression and interference in many sovereign states in the name of containing communism. They committed innumerable crimes in pursuit of their hegemonic ambitions, while presenting the justification that it was for the sake of "democracy" and against the "communist menace". They organised and financed many terrorist groups all over the world to discredit the communist movement, as well as to discredit and weaken all anti-imperialist forces and national liberation movements. They propped up many military dictators to attack and quell such movements.

When the Soviet Union deviated from the path of revolution and socialism, aggressed on Czechoslovakia, established its own sphere of influence in Eastern Europe and became an active participant in the Cold War and superpower rivalry for world domination, it became a factor for war. It stopped being a factor for world peace. Both the US and the Soviet Union, and the rivalry between them, became the main factors for war and the spread of violence and terror in all continents of the world. The Soviet occupation of Afghanistan further confirmed this fact.

Today, when the Soviet Union no longer exists and the Cold War period has ended, US imperialism needs a new justification for pursuing its ambitions and continuing to use force and aggress on whomever it pleases. US imperialism has created the specter of terrorism and "fundamentalism" for that purpose. The very same terrorist groups and military dictators that they financed in the previous period are now being made out as posing the greatest danger to peace and security in the world. The US imperialists pick whoever they like as their target, with the media portraying the selected person or government as the most terrible menace to the world.

The US imperialists created the specter of Saddam Hussein, portraying him as being the biggest threat to world peace, so as to justify military aggression against Iraq. They similarly built up public opinion against Milosevic in Europe to justify military occupation of Kosova and the dismemberment of Yugoslavia. They created hysteria about the Taliban and Osama Bin Laden, originally financed and armed by the CIA, to justify military aggression and occupation of Afghanistan.

What do all these developments show? They show that the cause of the problem lies in imperialism and its policy of using force to settle political matters, including the use of state terror and open war as well as covert operations such as sponsoring various terrorist groups. The spread of individual terrorism is one of the aspects of the policy of imperialism and various reactionary bourgeois states. The imperialist and bourgeois propaganda about terrorism turns the truth on the head by suggesting that some dark terrorist force is the main cause of the problems while the actions of US imperialism and other states are a reaction, a response, a retaliation – a crusade of good over evil!

We in India have considerable experience with the relationship between state terrorism and individual acts of terrorism. Facts have shown that it is the central Indian state that is the principal organiser of violence and terror within India, be it in Punjab, Kashmir, Nagaland or Manipur. The Central Government has armed terrorist groups to infiltrate and decimate the national liberation movements and the struggles for rights. In the name of fighting the "terrorist menace", state terrorism has been raised to the status of the most preferred method of rule, with POTA being the latest addition to the fascistic legal arsenal. Every election is accompanied by bomb blasts and assassinations. State organised communal violence has become the preferred method of building vote banks. Terror has become an institutionalised adjunct of parliamentary democracy. What this entire experience has shown is that it is imperialism and the bourgeoisie that benefit from terrorism, not anybody else.

Facts show that US imperialism is the biggest financier and principal organiser of terrorism in the world. It is part of the problem and cannot be part of the solution. No solution can emerge by collaborating with imperialism and the US-led "war on terrorism". No solution can emerge from mortgaging the sovereignty of India or Pakistan or both.

The solution to the problem of terrorism can be found only by those who take an uncompromising stand against imperialism, headed by US imperialism, and against all acts of aggression and violation of the rights of individuals, nations, nationalities and peoples.

By joining hands with the US and Britain in their "war on terrorism", the governments of India and Pakistan are seriously endangering the sovereignty of the peoples, nations and countries of South Asia. The rulers of India want the US imperialists to put pressure on Musharraf and, one day, allow India to attack Pakistan in the name of fighting terrorism. In short, they want to play a role in the imperialist game and gain something for themselves, at the cost of the freedom and independence of the peoples in this region.

The danger to the peoples of South Asia is grave because the two biggest countries in the region, India and Pakistan, are ruled by reactionary bourgeois classes that have a history of collaboration with colonialists and imperialists. They care more for their moneybags than about the freedom, independence and well being of their own peoples. The states of India and Pakistan, created in the midst of the terrible Partition engineered by the colonialists, are both part of the imperialist system of states. The traitorous classes that safeguard the institutions left behind by the colonisers cannot be relied upon to defend the sovereignty of the nations and peoples of South Asia today. That responsibility falls on the shoulders of the workers, peasants and patriotic forces in South Asia and on all the peace-loving peoples of the world.

The Communist Ghadar Party of India calls on the working class, peasantry and all the oppressed nations, nationalities and peoples of India and Pakistan, and the peace-loving peoples of all countries, to unite to oppose the growing US imperialist interference in South Asian affairs! There is no justification for this interference and intervention, which will neither help end terrorism nor to establish peace in this region. There is no pardon for any government in this region that sells out the sovereignty of the peoples and nations of South Asia to the most dangerous and rapacious imperialist power in the world.

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