Congratulate the Prime Minister for telling the truth

Respected editor,

Respected editor,

Recently, while addressing the press after the G20 meeting, when asked about food inflation crossing 12 %, our Prime Minister told the reporters that “increasing inflation is an indication of the fact that India is progressing, it is advancing!” Many people who are concerned about the well being of the common man were enraged by these remarks of our PM. But I want to ask them “What is there in that statement to be angry about? He only mentioned the truth! The capitalist class whose rule he is overseeing of course benefits from price rise and inflation. And it is indeed true that the capitalist class is progressing. The PM's frank admission will hopefully clarify any misunderstanding which many working people may carry in their minds as to which class rules in India. I will in fact like to congratulate the Prime Minister from the bottom of my heart for stating the truth.

Thanking you,

Your reader,

Amit , Mumbai

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