Analysis of events of December 1992



I am writing to thank you for carrying the statement of the Central Committee of the Communist Ghadar Party of India entitled “Criminalisation of Politics and the Necessity for Navnirman” dated November 28, 2011 in the December 1-15, 2011 issue of MEL. This statement has been issued on the eve of the nineteenth anniversary of the destruction of the Babri Masjid by the BJP cadres under the nose of its national leaders, and as the statement points, with the tacit support of the Congress party. The statement clearly points out that this is one of several historical events in the recent past along that mark the rise of the new diabolical method of rule of the big capitalist exploiting class, a section of which was at the forefront of initiating the liberalization and privatization programme of the bourgeoisie and its anti-social offensive, which has its aim the rise of imperial India. The statement makes an important watershed observation that the events of December 1992 led to the institutionalization of the criminal method of rule, which began with the 1984 anti-Sikh riots. It also points out again in consonance with the party’s observation in 1993 that it is the Indian state that is communal and the people of the country.

Furthermore, the statement is unique in its brilliant analysis, which shows that the bourgeoisie succeeded in polarizing the polity into Hindutva vs. secular camps, and hid the true agenda of the big bourgeoisie which was the all round attacks on the rights and life of the people of the country. The statement also points out that part of the difficulty was that there were elements in the communist camp which went along with this division and caused great harm to the working class. As this polarization has almost run its course, and as the ruling circles find themselves mired in deeper and deeper crises, the statement warns that more diabolical tricks are on the anvil of the bourgeoisie.

The working class must be aware of the dangers lurking and must organize itself in this climate to reassert that it alone is capable of providing salvation. It is important to put forward an alternative to the rule of the criminal bourgeoisie, viz, that of Navnirman with the working class as its fountainhead. Communists must be at the forefront of this struggle to bring the revolutionary working peoples to power. The statement of the CGPI is a profound theoretical contribution to the analysis of the Indian polity, and I would like to congratulate the CC on its theoretical clarity.


A. Narayan, Bangalore

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