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I am writing to thank you for carrying the article entitled "Capitalist governments have no solution to the deepening economic crisis!" in the December 16-31, 2011 issue of MEL. The article is a fine example of the in-depth analysis that the party has been carrying out on the prevailing world capitalist order and an application of its deep command of the Marxist-Leninist approach.

The article is also striking in its depth and clarity and lays bare the truth of the world economic system. The article discusses various aspects of the present crisis and traces the origins of this to the renewed world order that came into being at the time the East Bloc collapsed. The opportunities presented by that have run their course now. The consolidation of western European nations through the introduction of the Euro also appears to have run its course.

The article points out that there is a meltdown significantly worse than that of 2008-09 in the offing.

The article points out that bourgeois economists and other spin doctors point to this or that corner of the problem and come up with this or that recipe to try and avert the crisis, and do not attack the main issue which is that the crises are an inbuilt aspect of the capitalist system. Far from being an academic matter, these inbuilt contradictions have led to massive disruption and destruction towns, cities and the countryside.

The article correctly points out the solution to the problems is to replace the capitalist system by one that will eliminate greed as the main thrust of economic activity. It points out that there is an urgent need to reorganize the relations of production and throw open a path for the extended reproduction of society without recurring crises. I would like to commend you for carrying this highly informative and timely article.


S. Nair, Kochi

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