Cheers to the first working class conference



I am writing to thank you for carrying the report on the First Working Class Conference which initiated the debate on “Way Forward: One Aim, One Program for Political Power!” December 22-24, 2011 in New Delhi. The conference is a timely one and has taken place at a time when the capitalist system world over is mired in a crisis which appears to have no end in sight. The Chief of the IMF has recently warned that there is a risk of a full blown depression. Such an admission is a remarkable one which suggests that the custodians of the world system themselves are unable to control the system. This evidently begs the question as to why the peoples world over should tolerate such a system. Why should they not aspire to, and indeed work to put together another system?

The answer to this question would then lie in asking who is capable of putting together such a system? Clearly, it cannot be the bourgeoisies, and it can only be the adversarial camp, which is the working class. If this is indeed the case, then the working class must prepare to take charge of matters. The conference has therefore met this urgent objective and congratulations to Lok Awaz Publishers and Distributors for organizing this conference. The work of the conference has given rise to several clear results, including defining the line of march of the working class in the coming period, and in generating the confidence that the working class is capable of taking charge, and also clearing enunciating that there can be no compromise with any section of the bourgeoisie. The need to clearly define proletarian democracy as the goal of the working class, in contrast to the diversionary line of defending the so-called secular fabric of the Indian state and the Constitution is another significant achievement of the conference. I am particularly delighted to see that further conferences are being planned to carry for the work of the First Conference. I wish the organizers the very best in their future endeavours.


S. Nair,


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