A great source of inspiration

Dear Editor,

Dear Editor,

Through your column, I express my heartiest greetings for the New Year to all the comrades. The message to Party comrades from Comrade Lal Singh, published in the previous issue of your paper, is a great source of inspiration for me. He clearly pointed out that the whole of capitalist system is in deep crisis and the burden of this crisis is being shifted onto the backs of the working masses.

Workers are extremely exploited in this capitalist system. This will be so as long as the working class does not come to power. Only the CGPI can help us to fulfill this dream. I am not saying this merely because I work with the Party, but because of several reasons like its thinking based on the science of Marxism-Leninism and its organisation based on strict Leninist principle. Every decision is jointly taken after discussion in units of the region.

We communists have to break free from this dark dungeon (the so called Indian democracy) and expose the truth to the masses. Those who call themselves communists have to work untiringly to expose the loot that goes on in this system and not work to save the system by tailing the capitalist. We communists have to put in practice what we preach.

I am convinced that the end of capitalist system is near as no system is permanent. The rule of the workers is inevitable.



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