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Strike against privatization of Indian Railways

Strikes were organized across the country on 16th-17th July 2020, to oppose privatization of the Indian Railways. On 16th July protests were held and slogans against privatization of Indian Railways were raised at railway stations of Chittorgarh, Kharagpur, Santnagar, Ratlam and other stations, under the leadership of All India Loco Running Staff Association.
Addressing the protest, speakers said that the government has already started operations of 109 private trains. Government is making all efforts to hand over Indian Railways to private players.

Strike on Ambikapur Railway station

 On 17th July 2020, a one day strike was organized at the Ambikapur railway station in Madhya Pradesh to oppose the privatization of the Indian Railways. The strike was led by the United Forum of Trade Unions. Workers from various government institutions took part in this strike. Addressing the protesting workers speakers explained that Central Government’s decision to privatize Indian Railways will finish off all means by which the poor people can access easy, convenient and affordable travel by trains. Privatization of the Indian Railways is a cruel joke on the public.

They explained that the government is claiming to bring in fresh investment of Rs.30 crore from the privatization of the Indian Railways and increased job opportunities for the people. This claim is absolutely false as the private capitalists controlling the operations will get the work done from as low numbers of workers as possible to maximize their profits. The rail assets that have been created by the railway workers will be sold for peanuts to the national and international corporate houses.

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