From our Readers: WW II series –Informative and Incisive

Dear Editor,

I would like to congratulate the CGPI for FOCUS, the new feature it has started on its website. All the articles are well researched, very clear and are of utmost relevance to us, the citizens of our country.

The latest FOCUS, the one on World War II provides valuable insights and guidance to all the peace loving and progressive people in the world. It is indeed a very timely document of historical importance. The by-line, “Imperialism was and remains the source of war and conflict in the world” expresses most aptly and succinctly the essence of the problems that humanity faces today. Written very simply, the articles in the collection hold our attention and take us readers through a very important period of world history from which we can draw lessons that are very vital today. Indeed, I personally found that even schoolchildren found them very interesting. They read them at a go and asked for clarifications. One of them commented, “They don’t tell us all this!”

I would love it if these articles are reprinted in a booklet form!

The articles cover a wide canvas, starting with the first inter-imperialist war. They remind us of the ultimate sacrifices made by crores of people of all lands, fighting unitedly for peace, liberty and a life befitting human beings. They explain the unparalleled role played by the Soviet Union, as its citizens fought to safeguard not only their socialist land but also the oppressed of other countries. They also talk about the great wisdom and acumen displayed by the Soviet Union under the leadership of Stalin in understanding and giving a fitting response to the strategy of all the imperialist states, not only of Nazi Germany and its allies, but also of Britain, France and the USA.

A brief glimpse is provided of the unimaginable hardships borne by the military and civilians in their defence of Leningrad and Stalingrad. They remind us that human beings committed to noble causes are capable of performing unimaginable, death defying feats – a lesson that is inspiring and valuable today.

The articles describe the perfidious role played by the imperialists in the post-war period, of falsifying history and trying to obliterate memories of the stupendous victories of the socialist Soviet Union. They remind us of the great prestige and love the peoples of the world had for the socialist homeland and how it paved the way for victory of national liberation struggles in many countries.

The articles go on to describe the ravages caused by imperialist states, especially the US, the most dangerous one of them all, in the 75 years since the end of World War II. The ruling class of our country, driven by its own narrow interests is collaborating more and more with US imperialism and this is very dangerous for us. I completely agree with the conclusions that we must expose and oppose the designs of US imperialism and refuse to participate in imperialist wars and intrigues. We must strive to forge a great front of the world’s peoples against imperialist aggression and war, and for the defence of the sovereignty of nations, as our ancestors the world over did in their times. We must work with unflagging zeal to build unity among all democratic and peace-loving forces against imperialist aggression in any form. We must explain to our compatriots why it is imperative to oppose the military and strategic alliances of the Indian bourgeoisie with US imperialism, even as we work for the victory of revolution and socialism in our country. Indeed, it is the only way to break the imperialist chain and work towards a lasting solution to the problem of imperialist war and oppression.

Yours sincerely,

Deepti, Mumbai

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