From our Readers: Truthful History of World War II

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I’m writing in response to the series of interesting articles on WW2 which surely have given us all more history than we’ve been taught our entire lives. So firstly, I would like to thank CGPI for an extremely exhaustive and detailed series on the World Wars which draw deep parallels to our present situation.

The articles highlight the bitter truth that even 75 years after the end of World War II, the people of the world are still not free from the ravages of war and from national and social oppression. On the contrary whole countries have been destroyed, millions of people have been rendered homeless, crores of people have been persecuted because of their nationality, race or religion, and countless more have been denied even their basic human rights. The reason is the existence of imperialism and the imperialist system of states.

The very inspiring establishment the world’s first socialist state by the working class which pulled Russia out of the War was beautifully explained. World War II began as a war among imperialist powers but transformed into a great war of the peoples against fascism!

All mainstream movies and media sources distort and conceal the real heroes behind the victory over fascism. The article clearly elaborates that the turning point of the war was brought about by the Soviet peoples under the leadership of the CPSU and Stalin who fought with death-defying courage notwithstanding the loss of about 28 million lives.

We are constantly burdened with the idea that we need individual heroes to establish anything significant. However, this series has crushed that misconception by exposing the fact that millions of citizens organized into partisan units which fought an unyielding guerrilla war that wore down the aggressor troops in an enemy occupied area.

The article also clarifies the reason behind the disintegration of the Soviet Union which is made to have a lot of misguided focus surrounding it. The fundamental principles of communism had been compromised by using socialist phrases to justify its imperialist actions. After that the Soviet Union changed from being a bastion of revolution and national liberation struggles, a defender of the peace and the rights of nations, into a social-imperialist state.

The single-minded drive of US imperialism to maintain and extend its domination in the world is the main force behind the increasing geopolitical tensions in the world, and the main factor in the threat of a new world war.

It has inflicted more harm and devastation on the world’s peoples, whether in the name of fighting communism or fighting Islamic terrorism, than all the atrocities committed by the Axis powers put together…..!!!

These articles leave a strong and urgent desire to contribute to the termination of the growing danger that is US imperialism that is sucking out the blood of millions of people. We need to work tirelessly to build unity among all democratic and peace-loving forces against imperialist aggression in any form and end their rule once and for all.

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