From our Readers: Lies about who was behind the Delhi Riots

Dear Editor

The article “The Delhi riots conspiracy case” explains clearly that the people who raise their voices for the legitimate political and economic demands are treated as criminals.

The CAA/NRC protests united people of different religious faiths, women and youth against the discriminatory Act and also against the various atrocities of the government. The CAA/NRC protests proved that despite the numerous efforts of the State to divide the people of our country, they were not swayed. The protests had the support of all the people of our country who valued equality and justice.

Now the government in power has charged several student leaders and activists under the draconian UAPA, accusing them of conspiring to organize the Delhi riots. I fully agree that this is another of the many cases where truth is being turned on its head by the government.

The masterminds who instigated the riots in North East Delhi in 2020 are roaming scot free just like the conspirators of the riots against the Sikh community after the assassination of Indira Gandhi in November 1984. Time and again the ruling class has used communal genocide as a way to repress people’s movements against the injustices imposed on them.

The conspiracy theory helps the ruling party to suppress the voices of those who question the system and also to shield the real conspirators of the crime.

Suman,  Mumbai

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