From our Readers: Increasing the Danger of War

The Editor,
Mazdoor Ekta Lehar
I am writing in reference to the CC Statement “ Endangering India’s sovereignty and Increasing the Danger of War “ , which appeared on 30/10/2020.
As the statement says, the Government of India which is controlled by the big monopoly capitalist class is openly embracing the US Imperialists and has signed three strategic agreements with them . The first one allows the US armed forces to use Indian military bases for rest and refuelling. The second one allows compatibility of communications systems between the armed forces of India and the United States. And now the third and latest, BECA, ensures sharing of highly sensitive data on military installations and movements obtained from satellite pictures.
The Indian Government is excited about getting information about the movement and deployment of the armed forces of China, Pakistan and other countries and in return has agreed to provide the US with sensitive information about deployment of India’s armed forces on land and sea with maps and charts.
Also as the statement says, the US wants India to be a part of a NATO like alliance where in the army of our country will be under US command.
The ruling class of our country in its greed to be the dominant power in Asia is joining hands with US imperialism to attack China. It is US imperialism which stands to gain by setting India against China. If we go by the past history of US Imperialism, it has destroyed countries that have collaborated with it , in order to further its own sinister plans and agenda.
The imperialist aspirations of our ruling class are endangering the sovereignty of our country. The workers and peasants of our country along with all other toiling people have to oppose this most dangerous path being taken by the rulers of our country.
The people of our country do not want war with China or with any other country as it is not in our interest. Friendship with our neighbours is in the best interest of our country as well as of the neighbouring countries.
Suman , Mumbai

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