From our Readers: Dilli Chalo

Dear Editor,

The article ‘Successful Dilli Chalo campaign – lakhs of peasants enter Delhi’ gives a clear update about the farmers’ united protest and a revealing analysis of the reasons behind the recent passing of the three anti-peasant laws and the Electricity (Amendment) Bill. The state and its media wants people to believe that farmers do not know what is good for them. But we know that farmers are not fools, they are the ones who produce the food that feeds the people of India. We can also clearly see that the system is full of thieves, who rob from the people to benefit big business. Greying farmers, the age of our grandparents, along with young ones, men and women alike, have walked for miles to reach Delhi and have been camping in its winter and deadly pollution, amid the now ever-present pandemic. They are resolute and determined and every one of them has such clarity on the real anti-people nature of the system and the laws that are being passed without consulting the farmers themselves. They are consistently saying that they will not accept anything less than complete revocation of the laws.

I salute the Party’s resolve to stand in solidarity with the farmers and support their unanimous demand of revoking the laws and guaranteeing MSP for all crops! ‘An attack on one is an attack on all’ has been the consistent line of the Party and it is heartening to see that people from all over the country are showing their support by meeting the farmers, getting supplies and rations, using their own social media to amplify the cause and denouncing all attempts by the state to divide and dilute the protest!


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