From our Readers: On the Supreme Court’s proposal

Dear Editor,

I am thankful to the Communist Ghadar Party of India for giving us a clear understanding of the ongoing peasant struggles through a series of articles being published on its website.

I am responding to the latest article, “On the Supreme Courts Proposal and the Kisan Andolan’s Response” which appeared on 23rd December 2020.

As the article explains, the Supreme Court, which is the Apex court, appears to be most unjust as it is enabling the Government in its efforts to bring down the resolve of the agitating peasants, who are braving the harshest winter at the protest sites.

The article exposes the role played by the Supreme Court in the peasant agitation, which is not to give justice but to support the Government in its wicked plan to crush the just struggle of the peasants.

Firstly the Supreme Court has not looked into the petitions that are challenging the farm laws, since a Central law affecting agriculture, which is a state subject, violates the Constitution. It has only proposed to the Government to withhold the implementation of the 3 laws!

Also the Supreme Court proposed the setting up of a panel consisting of representatives of the Kisan Andolan and the Government, but it has not questioned the Government as to why such as panel was not set up before the laws were framed as has been raised by the peasants.

Then to pacify the agitating peasants, the Supreme Court has proposed that they may continue with the agitation in a peaceful manner without inconveniencing the other citizens.

The peasant agitation has exposed the role of the executive as well as the judiciary which are the tools of the ruling capitalist class.

The Government acts in consultation with the big indian and international capitalists. Hence in spite of the country wide agitation against the farm laws, the government is still adamant as the big capitalists do not want the laws to be withdrawn.

But the peasants and workers of our country are not ready to give up the struggle, despite being branded as khalistanis or anti-nationals; their statements and interviews have also clearly shown that they have neither been misled nor misinformed!

This struggle cannot be crushed whatever may be the outcome. This is a struggle of our people against all the injustices they have suffered  under all governments.

The workers, peasants, women and youth of our country are marching on the road to real democracy and against the deceptive democracy of the capitalist class. The people of our country are marching towards navnirman of India.

Suman, Mumbai

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