From our Readers: Let us unite in the dharm-yudh against the adharmi State!

This is in response to the statement by the Central Committee “This is a dharm-yudh of workers and peasants against the adharmi state” on 13th January 2021.

India is one of the largest democracies in the world. This democracy is only on paper but in reality, it is like any other country where capitalism flourishes at the cost of lives of its majority workers and peasants. The CGPI has put forward clearly that the farmers are fighting for their livelihood while the government wants to put forward the needs of a few capitalist families in the country. It is indeed a dharm yudh!

The government can no longer fool our people. They can clearly see who it works for. No matter which party is ruling, the actual power resides in the hands of Tatas, Ambanis, Adanis and few more like them. They are the ones pulling the strings. All that matters to them is their profit even at the cost of people’s life.

Our brave farmers are peacefully protesting day in and day out with such discipline and they are not willing to give in until these laws are taken back. They have tactfully planned the entire protest for months!! Not only farmers but workers from various other sectors like railways, banking, education, electricity, and so on have been protesting against privatisation for so long.

The struggle at the Delhi borders not only show the strength of the collective but also gives us a glimpse of the new India. Girls and women feel completely safe at the protest sites. This is in stark contrast with the insecurity girls and women face in the rest of the country. This also exposes the lie that people cannot govern themselves. The ruling class has time and again spread the lie that people need to be ruled. The struggle at the Delhi borders sets an example of how people can govern themselves far better than the present state. The present state neither provides Sukh or Raksha to the majority of the toiling masses. While this struggle has shown how when the toiling majority govern themselves, they do provide both Sukh and Raksha.

This shows us that we need to overthrow the present system and replace it with a modern system. A modern system where the toiling majority of the people exercises political power. Where exploitation of man by man is outlawed and punished. Where plunder of our natural resources by and for any private interest is outlawed and punished. We need a system that guarantees the Sukh and Raksha of us – the toiling majority of the people.

The land and the natural resources must return under the ownership of our collective control. The means of production and exchange must be taken over by us from the hands of the bourgeoisie.
We must rise to this occasion and fight alongside workers from various sectors against this system which works for the few monopoly capitalist families and replace it with the rule of the working class.

Let us join hands to unite and fight together because an attack on one is an attack on all!


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