From our Reader: On Parliamentary Democracy and State Terrorism

Respected editor MEL,

I refer to article in MEL web edition entitled “Parliamentary Democracy and State Terrorism”.

The article very convincingly points out as to how current facts and phenomena with reference to ongoing Kisan Mazdoor struggle against the new laws, reveal that the existing system of parliamentary democracy is the dictatorship of an exploiting super-rich minority over the vast majority of people. The manner in which these laws were enacted, right from the time the ordinances were issued when the entire mass of working people was desperately fighting to survive the Covid19 pandemic lockdown, and later the manner in which they were bulldozed in parliament without consulting workers and peasants, once gain proves the fact that sovereignty is not vested in the people. It is vested in an unrepresentative Parliament, within which decision-making power is concentrated in the hands of the executive, the Cabinet headed by the Prime Minister.

The article refers to the reply given by Prime Minister Modi during the debate on the farm laws in Parliament. Prime Minister Modi had pointed out that his government is implementing the agricultural marketing reforms that the Manmohan Singh government had initiated, towards creating one single market for monopolies to dominate. He has thereby exposed the fact that the debate in parliament is only meant to deceive the people. The ruling and opposition camps are in reality both committed to the program of enriching the capitalist monopoly houses.

In Maharashtra a coalition government of Shiv Sena, Congress and Nationalist Congress Party is in power. Presently, all of them are giving statements of their full support to the current agitation. Their leaders have made a show of leading a delegation to meet the Governor of Maharashtra. However, all over the state when people are trying to hold meetings or demonstrations in support of the farmer’s struggle, they are either denied permission or harassed or a very restricted permission is given by the police which is under control of State government. When police are confronted with statements of various Ministers of Maharashtra government supporting farmers agitation, they explain that “we have our orders from top”. Those who actively work for such actions are routinely harassed by Intelligence Bureau sleuths. It is thus becoming very clear to activists that all these three parties have the same agenda as that of BJP i.e. defend the interests of big capitalists at any cost!

Hence we cannot rely on any of the parties of the capitalist class. As the article points out “the ballot serves to divide and divert the people, to prevent them from uniting against their common class enemy”. We cannot allow that to happen.

Article also points out that at the present time, when the stability of the capitalist dictatorship has been shaken by the growing unity of workers and peasants in struggle, the ruling class is responding with diabolical plots to split the ranks of the mass movement and justify unleashing state terrorism. We need to be vigilant about such tactics. We must guard and strengthen fighting unity of workers and peasant against the monopoly capitalists and their government.

Lal Salam,
Arun, Mumbai

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