From our Readers: Westminster model of democracy-dictatorship for the majority, democracy for capitalist class


The Editor,

Mazdoor Ekta Lehar(MEL)

I am responding to the article  “Parliamentary Democracy and State Terrorism “ which appeared in MEL on 10/02/2021.

The article has clearly explained that this democracy works for the 150 capitalist monopolies. The political system and process as well as the capitalist media  works for them.

In this Westminster model of democracy, it is dictatorship for the majority and democracy for the capitalist class. In this political system, the parties of the capitalist class are used to divide and divert the working class and  the toiling masses from the real issues facing them. The elections are a way to fool  the people into thinking that they have voted the government of their choice whereas in reality it is the capitalists who decide which party can be the best manager for them. The elections are also a way to settle the contradictions within the capitalist class.

The parliament, where the important decisions regarding the laws to be passed and the policies to be implemented are supposed to be taken is only a talk shop where the ruling party and the opposition parties try to deceive the people of our country. The actual decisions are taken by a few in the cabinet in consultation with the capitalist and implemented by the executive. The judiciary defends the capitalist system of exploitation and oppression. This capitalist system of democracy uses the ballot as well as the bullet.

The farmers agitation has shaken this capitalist democracy . On the 26th of January, 2021, the Government of the capitalist class spread anarchy and violence to break the unity of the farmers agitation as well as spread terror by imprisoning hundreds of farmers on false charges and framing farmer leaders under terror laws.

The capitalist media is also building a false narrative against the farmers agitation.  But the support for the farmers from our country and abroad is increasing daily. The sealing of the borders with multiple layers of barricades, the spread of disinformation and also the use of state terrorism has exposed this capitalist democracy.

So the workers, peasants and oppressed people of our country cannot use this Westminster parliamentary democracy which is used to crush the people who demand their rights.

The people of our country need a modern system of democracy which will make the workers , peasants and toiling masses the rulers. A democracy where we can develop a new economic and political system to bring prosperity and protection for all.

The struggle of the workers and peasants is marching on the path of Navnirman for a new tomorrow.


Suman, Mumbai

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