Demonstration against the Labor code

On 1st April 2021, Central Trade Unions (CTU) and workers’ organizations of Delhi staged a demonstration at Jantar Mantar. This protest was to demand the repeal of four labor codes imposed by the central government.

Protest organised by trade unions at Jantar Mantar against the labor code on 1st April.

CITU, AITUC, Mazdoor Ekta Committee, HMS, INTUC, UTUC, AICCTU, LPF, SEVA, AIUTUC, ICTU, TUCC and others organised the protest.

Protesters held banners and placards with slogans demanding the repeal of four labor codes and condemning the increasing attacks on workers. “Stop violating labor laws !”, “Repeal the four Labor codes !”, “Stop filling the bank accounts of monopoly houses”, “Ensure safe employment and prosperity for all !”, “Exploitation and attack on workers is not acceptable !”, “Stop exploiting the workers for the benefit of corporate monopoly houses !”, “We will claim our rights !”, “Mazdoor Unity Zindabad !”, “Inquilab Zindabad !”, were the slogans which were called out with full zeal and the protest was carried forward.

Spokespersons of participating organizations unanimously condemned the labor code imposed by the central government. They explained that by imposing these labor codes, central government is taking away the fundamental rights of workers which all of us won after years of struggle.

Under the name of ‘Ease of doing business’ and making workers labor laws simpler, the government has in fact kneeled down in front of the capitalists. Proposals like allowing hire and fire by bringing fixed term contracts, increasing working hours, complicating union formation, weakening the right to strike, weakening the inspection system, these labor codes are essentially the license for enslavement of workers that have been imposed in an undemocratic way.

All this is being done to increase the profits of big national and international corporate houses. Along with this, public sector industries and services and valuable resources like water, forests and land, which belong to the workers of the country are being openly sold off to the big national and international corporate houses for peanuts. Today lakhs of our peasant sisters and brothers are up in protests at the borders of Delhi demanding repeal of the anti-farm laws which work in favor of big corporate houses. Our struggle is one! Our struggle is against the anti-worker, anti-farmer and anti-state policies that are being imposed by the government to benefit the monopoly capitalist houses.

Speakers condemned the governments which are dedicated to imposing the agenda set up by big monopoly corporate houses. It is clearly established that we have to unite to fight and end the rule of monopoly capitalists and replace it with the rule of workers and peasants. Only this will ensure that we put an end to the ever increasing exploitation and attacks on the workers.

National General Secretary of CITU Tapan Sen, HMS General Secretary Harbhajan Singh Sindhu, Delhi state leader of AITUC Mukesh Kashyap, Vice President of INTUC Ashok Singh, Lokesh Kumar from Mazdoor Ekta Committee, UTUC Delhi region Secretary Shatrujeet, General Secretary of AICCTU Rajeev Dimri, Delhi region Secretary of AIUTUC Manejar Chaurasiya, and Vice President of ICTU Uday Narayan addressed the demonstration.


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