From our Readers: The entire election process is a scam!

This is in response to the CC’s statement on Assembly Elections dated 8th April 2021.

The statement makes it absolutely clear how elections are conducted in India. Important issues have been brought to light, like who funds the various political parties and their campaigns, what propaganda is spread before and during the election using all possible platforms to reach the masses and how the entire nation is fooled, be it central elections or the state elections.

The statement shows that this entire election process is a scam. It also brings out the need to replace the existing exploiting system and we, the working class, toiling majority have the power to change it.

Monopoly houses like Ambanis, Tata, Birla, Adanis and other capitalists are the ones gaining from this existing system. They are the ones who fund the parties and spread propaganda since they are the ones that own the media. They choose the party that is best suited to carry out their agenda and keep fooling people. It is evident from the actions of current Modi led BJP government in centre who it actually works for. In past as well, when Congress was in power, it served the interests of the same capitalist class. They are two sides of the same coin, working for only the capitalist class of our country. Funding and maintaining multiple parties only serve the Capitalists in fooling people and to maintain their rule. During the election campaign, all parties funded by the capitalists, promise to fulfil the demands of workers and peasants.  Once in charge of executive power, they strictly fulfil the demands of the Tata, Ambani, Birla, Adani and other capitalist monopoly houses.

For example, the government is hell bent on privatising various public sector units such as Railways, Airways, LIC, Education, Banks, Coal mines, Electricity etc. Under the PPP model, it wants to give away the assets of the Public Sector Units to these corporations. These assets were built from the money of the working class and toiling majority.

While the Corona outbreak has caused havoc in people’s lives since the past one year, the role of “doing absolutely nothing” was very well played by the state when poor migrant workers had to travel thousands of kilometres bare foot. We are witnessing another lockdown this year as well. Last year’s lockdown ruined people’s means of livelihood. While poor people got poorer, the rich became richer in this pandemic. Monopoly houses like Ambani increased their wealth by 35% in 2020 while majority people suffered in this pandemic.

In past two years we have witnessed lakhs of people coming on streets to fight for their rights, be it the fight against CAA & NRC or farmers’ fight against the three farm laws. Workers from various sectors are fighting against privatization since many years and day by day these fights are getting intense. People have started to realise who benefits from the policies made by the government. We workers and peasants are the wealth creators of this nation. We must be the ones to make collective decisions and rule this country. We should establish a system that ensures safety and livelihood to all our citizens.

Let us unite and fight to establish the rule of the working class and toiling majority!


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