Demonstration in Ramgarh in support of peasant agitation going on for the past six months

26th May 2021 marked six months of the peasant agitation led by the All India Kisan Sangharsh Coordination Committee at the border of Delhi to demand the withdrawal of the three anti-peasant laws and the Electricity Bill as well as for demanding crop procurement at the minimum support price (MSP). On this occasion, a black flag day was observed under the banner of Lok Raj Sangathan in Ramgarh (district Hanumangarh), Rajasthan. The residents of Ramgarh took part in this protest by raising black flags on their houses.

A protest meeting was held, which was addressed by Hanuman Prasad Sharma, Vice President of Lok Raj Sangathan, Dr. Krishna Nokhwal, Maniram Lasekar, Kanhaiyya Lal Jain, Suresh Prachar and other activists.

Speakers pointed out that 400 peasants have been martyred in this struggle in the past six months. Government has held 11 rounds of discussions but there has been no resolution of the problem. Government is spreading every kind of diversionary propaganda to malign the peasant agitation. Peasants have been labelled “Anarchists”, “Naxalites”, “Maoists”, etc. as part of the ‘divide and rule’ policy of the rulers. There is an attempt to split small and big peasants. False propaganda is being done that this agitation is limited to Haryana and Punjab only, that this agitation is only of the Sikhs of Punjab or only of the Jaats of Haryana. Peasant agitation has been held responsible for spreading Coronavirus. Through such false propaganda, government has tried to confuse the people. However, the peasants have remained resolutely united. In support of the agitation, the speakers said that until the farm laws and electricity amendment Bill are withdrawn, and law is made to guarantee procument at MSP, the agitation of the peasants from Delhi to village level shall continue.

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