Press Release: Foundation Meeting of “All India Forum Against Privatisation” successfully held on 04th July 2021

41 National Federations, Unions and Associations representing the public sector workers in Railways, Defense, Electricity, Coal, Petroleum, Banks, Port & Docks as well as organisations of women and people have decided to come together under the banner of  “All India Forum Against Privatisation (AIFAP)” to jointly oppose the Central Government’s anti-worker, anti-people and anti-national policies of handing over public assets built with people’s money to big monopoly corporate capitalists, both Indian and foreign.

A historic Foundation Meeting of AIFAP was successfully held on 4th of July 2021. The meeting was conducted by Dr. A. Mathew and several decisions were taken:

  1. It was decided that this Forum would work to uncompromisingly oppose privatization of assets built with public money. It would work to building a united struggle of all sectors against privatization and would go to the people to explain to them how privatization of public sector or government sector is anti-worker, anti-people and anti-national. It would work to create an environment enabling women and youth to participate.
  2. A Website would be created where all the struggles of the member organisations as well as activities of the Forum would be posted. Activists and workers would be encouraged to actively contribute in sending reports of their struggles.
  3. A mobile app would be created which would make this information available to masses of workers and people.
  4. The creation and growth of such a type of forum was the need of the hour for the Indian working class and that every organization must work to strengthen it.
  5. It was also decided that support statements to the ongoing struggles of the Defence, Insurance, Bank and Electricity workers should be issued immediately in the name of the Forum.
  6. During the meeting itself the electricity workers present vowed to fully support the defense workers in their struggle against the announcement of corporatization of the ordnance factories. They said that even though the Essential Services Act is applicable to them also, they had gone on strike in Uttar Pradesh to prevent the privatisation of electricity distribution in Purvanchal, UP in October 2020. The united fight of the electricity workers forced the Yogi Adityanath government to withdrawn the proposed privatization.
  7. It was decided that the formation of the Forum should be given the widest publicity and efforts should be made to draw in more organisations from all over India under its umbrella.

The Meeting was attended by these All India leaders:

  • Shri Shiv Gopal Mishra, General Secretary, All India Railwaymen’s Federation (AIRF), Convenor of National Coordination Committee of Railwaymen’s Struggle (NCCRS) and Convenor of National Joint Council of Action(NJCA).
  • M. Raghavaiah, General Secretary, National Federation of Indian Railwaymen (NFIR), Co-Convenor of National Coordination Committee of Railwaymen’s Struggle (NCCRS) and Co-Convenor of National Joint Council of Action (NJCA).
  • Shri S.N. Pathak, President, All India Defence Employees Federation (AIDEF) and Shri Sharad Borkar, Jt. Secretary, Hind Mazdoor Sabha, Madhya Pradesh.
  • Shri Shailendra Dubey, Chairman, All India Power Engineers Federation (AIPEF).
  • Shri Abhimanyu Dhankhar, Secretary General and Shri R. K. Trivedi, President, All India Federation of Power Diploma Engineers (AIFPDE).
  • Shri V.V. Satyanarayana, Joint Secretary, All India Port and Dock Workers Federation.
  • Shri S. P. Singh, General Secretary, All India Guards Council (AIGC).
  • Shri Sunil Kumar, Secretary General, All India Station Masters Association (AISMA).
  • Shri K. C. James, Joint Secretary General, All India Loco Running Staff Association (AILRSA).
  • Shri Devidas Tuljapurkar, General Secretary, Maharashtra State Bank Employees Federation (MSBEF).
  • Shri Kantha Raju, General Secretary, All India Railway Track Maintainers Union (AIRTU).
  • Shri Amzad Baig, Central President, All India Pointsmen Association (AIPMA).
  • Hemant Soni, General Secretary, Indian Railway Ticket Checking Staff Organisation (IRTCSO).
  • Shri Sanjay Pandhi, President, Indian Railway Loco Runningmen’s Organisation (IRLRO).
  • Sanjeewani Jain, Vice President, All India Council of Lok Raj Sangathan (LRS).
  • Shri L. N. Pathak, General Secretary and Shri Rohit Mishra, Organising Secretary, Rail Coach Factory (R.C.F.) Men’s Union, Rae Bareilly, Uttar
  • Shri Swapan Kumar Laha, Chittaranjan Railwaymen’s Congress (CRMC), Chittaranjan, West
  • Shri Arvind Kr. Srivastav, General Secretary, Dr. Pradeep Sharma, President and Shri Arvind Pradhan, Asst. Gen. Secretary, Diesel Loco Works (D.L.W.) Men’s Union, Varanasi, Uttar
  • Shri Dwarakanath H.G., Working President, Rail Wheel Factory Karmika Sangh (RWFKS), Bangalore,
  • A. Mathew, Secretary, Kamgar Ekta Committee.
  • Shri Rajesh Kumar, General Secretary, Men’s Congress Diesel Loco Works (MCDLW), Varanasi, Uttar
  • Shri Kishore Nair, General Secretary, Bharat Petroleum Technical and Non-Technical Employees Association (BPTNTEA) – Mumbai Refinery.
  • Shri Ram Ratan Singh, General Secretary, Rail Coach Factory Mazdoor Union (RCFMU), Kapurthala,
  • Shri K. Gobinath, Working General Secretary, Integral Coach Factory Mazdoor Sangh (ICFMS), Chennai, Tamil
  • Shri K. N. Satyanarayana, General Secretary, Hindustan Petroleum Employees Union, Vishakhapatnam
  • Shri Naib Singh, General Secretary, Rail Coach Factory Men’s Congress (RCFMC), Raebareli, Uttar
  • Shri Krushna Bhoyar, General Secretary, Maharashtra State Electricity Workers Federation (AITUC).
  • Sheena Agarwal, Purogami Mahila Sanghatan (PMS).
  • Shri Vijay Kumar, General Secretary, Rail Wheel Factory (R.W.F.) Mazdoor Union, Bangalore,

Dr. A. Mathew
On Behalf of “All India Forum against Privatisation (AIFAP)”

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