Condemn US imperialism’s attempts to organize anarchy and violence in Cuba

US imperialism has once again stepped up its efforts to overthrow the government of Cuba. Its aim is to reestablish its neo colonial rule over the people of Cuba.

On July 11, simultaneous protests were organised in a number of towns of Cuba, demanding “humanitarian assistance” and the opening of a “free corridor” for “international aid”. The small groups of rampaging mobs unleashed anarchy and violence in many places, attacking public property.

Simultaneously, the US imperialist controlled international media began a high voltage campaign against the government of Cuba. In order to make it appear that masses of people of Cuba were rising up against their government, there was massive use of disinformation. Pictures of pro-government rallies in Cuba that took place the same day and of anti-government protests in Egypt ten years ago were misrepresented as Cubans fighting against their government. The Cuban government has been falsely accused of depriving its people of food, medicines, electricity and other essentials. Cuba has been condemned as a dictatorship, a violator of human rights. US President Biden has extended his country’s support to the protestors claiming that they are fighters for democracy and human rights. The Mayor of Miami, Florida has called for US military intervention in Cuba in support of the protestors, including by bombing Cuba.

It has become amply clear that US imperialists set into action their network of agents inside Cuba. Their aim is to spread disaffection against the government of Cuba. By unleashing anarchy and violence, they hope to create conditions for US military intervention. They are carrying out their criminal activity in the name of providing humanitarian aid and defending human rights. The Communist Ghadar Party condemns the US government’s brutal interference in the internal affairs of Cuba and its despicable attempts to overthrow the Cuban government.

For the past one and half years and more, Cuba has been facing unprecedented economic difficulties. These difficulties have been caused by the tightening of the US economic blockade of Cuba. The Trump regime had passed a series of measures to deprive Cuba of the foreign exchange it needed. This included a ban on Cubans in America sending remittances to their families back home. It included severe restrictions on American and other tourists visiting Cuba. Cuba has been deprived of the foreign exchange it needed for running its economy. It cannot import medicines or raw materials needed for production of medicines or other essential items needed for its people. It cannot import machinery needed for food production, for generation of electricity, for production of goods for exports and it cannot import other essential items needed by the people. The Biden government has continued with these measures.

The Covid pandemic has had devastating effect on the Cuban economy. Afraid of US sanctions against them, no country has provided vaccines to Cuba. In these conditions, Cuba has developed its own vaccines and begun to inoculate its population.

It is US imperialism which is responsible for the humanitarian crisis facing the people of Cuba. It is responsible for the grave difficulties facing the Cuban people. It is cynically trying to exploit these difficulties to strangulate Cuba into submission.

The Cuban people and government have ensured that US does not succeed in its aims. They have given a fitting response to the US and its agents. Even as the counter revolutionaries were organizing protests at the call of the US, people of Cuba came onto the streets at the call of their President, Miguel Díaz-Canel Bermúdez, to defend their government. They condemned the US blockade and pledged to defend their country and system. They confronted those protesting and explained to those misled by the US agents why they were wrong.

Mass Rally in Defence of Revolution in Havana, Cuba

In his address to the nation on July 11, Cuba’s President said “We are not going to surrender sovereignty, the independence of our people, or the freedom of this nation. There are many of us revolutionaries in this town who are willing to give our lives and this is not a slogan, it is a conviction. They will have to step over our corpses if they want to confront the Revolution, and we are ready for anything and we will be in the streets fighting.” On July 17, a massive rally was held in Cuba’s capital, Habana, in defence of the independence and sovereignty of Cuba.

The Cuban government has brought to light how the US state organised the so- called spontaneous protests for “humanitarian aid”. Organisations funded by the US Government sent lakhs of automated messages simultaneously to people inside Cuba using highly sophisticated tools of mass communication. These messages condemned the Cuban government for being callous towards the people’s conditions and called for protests at a particular time and date. That these messages came from US intelligence agencies was hidden from the people receiving these messages. Instead, they appeared to come from ordinary Cuban citizens. Twitter and other social media knowingly allowed this to happen, violating their own rules.

US imperialism has never reconciled to the loss of its former paradise in Cuba. Cuba was a neo-colony of the US till 1959, when the Cuban people rose up in revolution and threw the US imperialists out of their country. Ever since, for the past 62 years, US imperialism has tried every possible means to re-establish its rule over Cuba. This includes organizing military invasions, provoking unrest amongst people as well as hundreds of assassination attempts by the CIA on Fidel Castro and other Cuban  leaders. For over 60 years, US has imposed a savage economic blockade of Cuba, in an attempt to bring Cuba and her people to their knees. Lester D. Mallory, a top US government official wrote on April 6, 1960 that “every possible means should be undertaken promptly to weaken the economic life of Cuba…denying money and supplies to Cuba, to decrease monetary and real wages, to bring about hunger, desperation and overthrow of government.” The US has intensified the blockade of Cuba in recent years. However, it has failed to achieve its aims. On the contrary, the US has been exposed as a country that brazenly violates the freedom and sovereignty of other peoples, in pursuit of its imperialist aims.

The unjust blockade of Cuba is condemned by the vast majority of countries of the world. Just recently, on June 23, the UN General Assembly, by an overwhelming majority, called upon the US to end the blockade of Cuba. 184 countries voted in favour of the resolution. Only two — the US and Israel — voted against it. This was the 29th consecutive year since the UN General Assembly has called for the end to the blockade of Cuba. However, in complete contempt of international opinion, the US has continued and further tightened the blockade.

The courageous anti-imperialist stand of the Cuban people enjoys the support of all anti-imperialist forces in the world. The inhuman blockade of Cuba, in open violation of UN resolutions and all international norms governing relations between countries, must be immediately ended. US imperialism has no right to decide what kind of economic and political system the Cuban people should have. The Cuban people have every right to have the economic and political system of their choice, free from imperialist dictate.


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