The monstrous crimes of US imperialism against the Afghan people can never be forgotten

The people of Afghanistan have the right to decide their own destiny

On August 15, 2021, Taliban forces entered Kabul city and took over the Presidential palace. A few hours earlier, President Ashraf Ghani had fled the country, with American assistance. The three lakh strong Afghan army, financed and trained by the US, disintegrated without a fight. These events mark the final collapse of the US backed puppet regime in Kabul. It brings to an end the nearly 20-year long US imperialist occupation of Afghanistan.

The people of Afghanistan are a courageous and proud people who have always valued their freedom and independence. The Afghan people have fought tenaciously, fearing no sacrifice, against every foreign imperialist power that has tried to subjugate them. The Anglo-American imperialists have propagated the lie that the Afghan people are barbaric and uncivilized.  This slanderous propaganda has been aimed at justifying the violation of freedom and sovereignty of the Afghan people. The withdrawal of the US occupation forces from Afghanistan is a victory for the valiant people of Afghanistan. It opens the road to the Afghan people to determine their own destiny, free from foreign imperialist dictate.

Twenty years ago, on October 7, 2001, the US imperialists and Britain launched one of the most brutal wars in history, against the Afghan people. This followed the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks that took place in New York. On September 20, 2001, US President George Bush declared that a terrorist group called Al Qaida was responsible for the 9/11 terror attacks on New York, and its leader, Osama Bin laden, was based in Afghanistan.

The US imperialists justified the invasion and occupation of Afghanistan by asserting, without any proof, that the masterminds of the terrorist attacks in the US were operating from Afghanistan with the full support of the Afghan government. The US brazenly declared that it had the right to violate the sovereignty of any country or people, on the basis of an allegation that they harboured terrorists. It threatened all countries which did not support its “war against terrorism”. President Bush declared “Every nation in every region now has a decision to make: Either you are with us or you are with the terrorists.  The US imperialists announced that this was the beginning of an “endless war” against terrorism which would be waged all over the world.

Twenty years after the 9/11 terror attacks in New York, the US state has still to provide proof that the then government of Afghanistan had any role to play in these attacks. On the contrary, there is enough circumstantial evidence that the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks in New York were organized by the US state itself. There is clear evidence that the US had already prepared for the invasion of Afghanistan, before September 11, 2001, and was just waiting for the opportune time.

The US state used the 9/11 terror attacks to whip up public opinion inside the US, in support of wars of conquest in numerous Muslim countries of Asia and Africa. It used these attacks to spread Islamophobia in the US and worldwide.  It claimed to be spearheading a so-called “War against Islamic terrorism”. A systematic propaganda campaign has been carried out to denigrate the Arab and Muslim people as backward, anti-women, uncivilized fanatics and terrorists.  US intelligence agencies periodically organized terrorist attacks and pinned the blame on “Islamists”, to lend credibility to their lying propaganda. Muslims throughout the world have been terrorized and persecuted.

The “war against terrorism” has been used as a justification to militarily aggress upon, and destroy entire countries. After Afghanistan, the US and its allies have invaded and destroyed Iraq and Libya, and trying to do the same in Syria and other countries of West Asia and North Africa.

The 9/11 terror attacks in New York, the invasion and occupation of Afghanistan, and the world wide “war against terrorism” orchestrated by the US, must be seen in the light of the strategy of US imperialism at the end of the Cold War. The strategy was and remains to establish the unrivalled domination of the US over the whole world.

The disintegration of the Soviet Union was utilized by the US imperialists to bring the former socialist countries of Eastern Europe, as well as many of the European republics of the Soviet Union, under its domination. The Yugoslav Federation was broken up. The US imperialists demanded and enforced, on all countries of Europe, its prescriptions of “free market economy” and “multi-party democracy” in accordance with the declarations of the ‘Charter of Paris for a New Europe’ adopted in 1990.

The US imperialists launched the “war against terrorism” to conquer Asia, as a prelude to conquer the world. The Arab and Muslim peoples were targeted because they have their own history and culture, economic and political systems, and refuse to accept European and American political prescriptions. Furthermore, West Asia, Central Asia and North Africa were home to enormous oil and gas reserves.  The US aimed to bring this entire region under its domination.

Afghanistan was deliberately chosen by the US as the first target of this “war against Islamic terrorism” because its government was militarily weak as well as isolated internationally. Furthermore, Afghanistan was strategically located, bordering the oil and gas rich Iran and the Central Asian Republics of the former Soviet Union, Pakistan and China. Establishing its control over Afghanistan would enable it to intervene in and destabilise these countries.

The decade of the eighties was a time when Afghanistan became a battleground for the US and the Soviet Union. In December 1979, Soviet forces entered Afghanistan to defend a pro Soviet government which had come to power through a military coup. The people of Afghanistan opposed the violation of their sovereignty and rose up in rebellion against the occupation forces.

The US imperialists manipulated the liberation struggle of the Afghan people for their own ends. They funded, trained and armed numerous Afghan groups, including various warlords from different regions and communities to battle the Soviet forces. When the Soviet Union withdrew from Afghanistan in 1989, a civil war between different armed groups began. This civil war lasted for over 6 years until the Taliban captured power in Kabul in 1996. Even after this, various regions of Afghanistan were under the control of rival groups.

In this period, the US set up terrorist groups under the guise of waging jehad against the Soviet occupation. After the Soviet withdrawal from Afghanistan, the US imperialists redeployed the CIA trained terrorist groups to destabilise countries in Europe, Asia and Africa, to advance its own strategic interests. This included Yugoslavia, the Central Asian Republics, the Russian Federation, China, Syria, and various countries of North Africa.

In the course of the past twenty years, the US has committed unimaginable crimes against the Afghan people in the name of “war against terrorism”. Lakhs of Afghan people have been killed in brutal bombings of villages. The US occupation forces have tried to set Afghan against Afghan on the basis of ethnicity, tribal affiliation, etc. The Afghan people have never ever accepted the occupation of their country by the US imperialists. They have fought courageously for their freedom and independence from foreign rule.

The invasion and occupation of Afghanistan 20 years ago served the strategic aim of US imperialist at that time. The US imperialists were able to impose its agenda of “war against terrorism” on the American people, and on all the capitalist countries of the world, and advance its drive towards world domination. Twenty years later, it no longer serves that purpose.

US imperialism is finding it increasingly difficult to justify  the barbaric wars it has unleashed and continues to wage around the world.  The majority of nations, peoples and governments are not willing to accept that the

the US imperialists can simply declare the state of any country they choose as being a terrorist state, and give themselves the right to militarily intervene in such countries.

Within the US, there is mounting opposition to America’s wars against other countries and peoples. Why should they shed their blood in faraway lands, is a question being increasingly raised amongst American people.

Thus, the US state is increasingly unable to justify the continued occupation of Afghanistan.

In such conditions, the US imperialists are working out new slogans, to mobilise the American and worlds peoples to achieve the same strategic goal – conquest of Asia as a prelude to conquest of the world. The decision of the US imperialists to withdraw its armed forces from Afghanistan must be seen in this light.

The imperialists of the world led by the US have committed unimaginable crimes against the Afghan people. These crimes can never be forgotten.

The people of Afghanistan have the right to determine their own economic and political system, their own destiny, free from all foreign imperialist dictate. The imperialists of the world do not have any right to impose their political and economic systems on the Afghan people.

The Afghan people face enormous challenges in overcoming the terrible consequences of over 40 years of war, overcoming the divisions within their society deliberately exacerbated by the US imperialists, and in rebuilding the country.

The Communist Ghadar Party of India appeals to the justice loving Indian people to wholeheartedly support the people of Afghanistan in their struggle to defend their sovereignty; and reject the lying imperialist propaganda that they are not capable of ruling themselves.


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  1. The article links the history of US invasion and occupation of the Afgan people s territory for its hunger for looting the world in the name of countering terrorism. This is getting exposed as 20 years of invasion, Afgan people have has seen only devastation by US .and other imperialist countries.

    Yes people should have the right to form government of their choice and rule their country. As they wish. The imperialist propaganda is showing afghan as backward and barbaric, people of the world are confused about the current news that is shown in media. Controlled by the ruling imperialist.

    The article gives clearly what is the truth.

    Neelima, Thane

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