Call of the Mazdoor Ekta Committee

Let us work unitedly to make the All India General Strike a success!

The working class is resolutely combating the attacks it is facing. In order to guarantee maximum profits for the capitalist class, the government is relentlessly implementing measures that are resulting in continuous increase of prices of essential commodities of daily consumption.

Let us work unitedly to make the All India General Strike a success!

The working class is resolutely combating the attacks it is facing. In order to guarantee maximum profits for the capitalist class, the government is relentlessly implementing measures that are resulting in continuous increase of prices of essential commodities of daily consumption. Because of the rising prices, the purchasing power of the wages of workers is shrinking all the time.

In the service of the interest of their ruling capitalist class, the parliamentary parties are revising even those laws which on paper are supposed to ensure the rights of workers. The capitalists, the government and its departments are denying workers even the right to form unions of their choice. When workers organize themselves and oppose their exploitation, goondas nurtured by the political parties of the capitalist class try to crush their struggle. The latest example of this can be seen in the course of the struggle of the workers of the Manesar plant of Maruti Suzuki. Laws such as ESMA and MESMA are being imposed on workers struggles in order to break the struggle.

In place of the eight hour working day, workers are being forced to work for 10-12 hours each day. They are being denied Provident Fund, ESI, Bonus and other Social Security benefits. Contract labour is flourishing not only in the private sector, but also in the government and in government run and owned institutions. The government is preparing to legalise what is illegal by the existing law.

Workers have not been silent in the face of the attack on their rights. Not a day passes when workers are not on the streets, fighting back the attacks of the government and the capitalists.

Our country is very rich. Tata, Ambanis, Birla, Laxmi Mittal, the Adani group and others are now investing their capital in Europe, Afghanistan, Africa, Asia, etc. This capital has been accumulated through the plunder and exploitation of the land, labour and natural resources of our people. Today this ruling class is pursuing the course of establishing India as an imperialist and warmongering country.

The working class is faced with many challenges today. There are many roadblocks in the way of the working class becoming a political force in our country.

Firstly, the ideas emanating from the caste system have been used to spread the illusion that only such people are workers who are unskilled or engaged in heavy manual work, who receive the lowest wages. On the other hand, educated and skilled workers are declared to be "middle class". By condemning various sections of workers to the "middle class", such as those who are educated, working with computers, or earning high wages, these sections of the working class are kept away from the class struggle. We are all well aware of the science of how material values are produced. We are all aware that in the production of a product, a whole range of people are involved from the sweeper to the manager and each of these people is a worker who is part of the division of labour. Every one of them earns wages in return for his/her labour. Whoever does not own the means of production, and has to sell his or her labour power, whether it is mental or manual labour, is a worker. We must fight against the spread of any confusion on this issue which contributes to dividing the working class.

Secondly, we must reject all attempts to extol amongst the working class this democracy, the constitution, parliament, judiciary and other institutions, and defeat every effort to tie up the working class behind this system. This democracy and all its institutions are there to defend the rule of the capitalist class. In particular, workers must beware of parties which call themselves parties of the working class, but who swear faithfully to defend this democracy and this constitution.

Thirdly, we must oppose not only the parties of the capitalist class, but also political parties of the working class that work to line up workers behind the program of the bourgeoisie by spreading illusions about this program. We must concentrate our efforts on developing the independent program of the working class.

Fourthly, despicable and cutthroat competition takes place amongst trade unions to occupy positions of power and to gain recognition from the government. This is no different from the cutthroat competition amongst rival capitalist parties. The same tendency can be seen even within a single union too, wherein one faction indulges in all kind of dirty tricks to seize the leadership of the union from a rival faction. These tendencies can be seen even in those trade union organizations which claim to be not aligned to this or that political party. We have to take strong and resolute steps against these terribly harmful anti working class machinations.

Comrades, only the working class has the ability to transform the present situation. We are the majority of the population and we are blessed with diverse abilities. The working class is skilled and armed with modern techniques. It is also becoming increasingly conscious. Day in and day out, the parliament, this democracy, the judiciary and the political parties of the ruling class are getting exposed. The working class today is coming to realize that the present capitalist political system can never provide prosperity and ensure security for the whole of society.

The Mazdoor Ekta Committee firmly believes that the working class cannot expect to drink the milk of prosperity and ensure its own security, if it leaves the command and control of society in the hands of political parties of the capitalist class. We cannot remain mere voting cattle. We must deploy our collective strength and fulfill our historical mission of leading the working masses in the reconstitution of society on new foundations. All across the country, we have to rise up as a political force by establishing unity committees in workplaces and residential areas. We must engage these samitis in discussion on developing the program of the working class. It is these samitis that in the future will become instruments of working class rule.

The Workers Unity Movement in Tamilnadu has spearheaded the initiative to make the workers conscious of the absolutely necessity to forge steel like fighting unity of workers across all sectors. It has declared that when we workers are the majority, why we cannot be the rulers! It has declared that the present capitalist political system and process which is blocking the working class from taking its rightful place in society must be replaced.

In the same direction, in the working class city of Mumbai, over 18 trade unions, women’s organizations, and other mass organizations working in diverse sectors of production and services have come together in an organized samiti to oppose the fascist MESMA and uphold the right of workers to form unions of their choice and use strike as a weapon to defend their rights.

The Mazdoor Ekta Committee believes that the working class has the experience, knowledge, and technical capability to reorganize the economy and ensure that the whole of society is ensured prosperity and security, which the majority of the working people are deprived of today.

The Mazdoor Ekta Committee calls upon workers and working people of all sectors to unite as a class and make the All India general Strike of February 20 and 21, 2013, a success.

Inquilab Zindabad!

Let us get rid of oppression and injustice by taking political power in our hands!

Let us build the samitis in order to establish the rule of the working class!

Let the producers of the wealth of our country become the master of the country!

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