The Genocide of Sikhs and the Communal Indian State

Dear Editor,

I am writing this letter in response to the CC statement of 27th October 2021 about completion of 37 years of the Sikh genocide in 1984.

The genocide of thousands of innocent Sikhs in 1984 was an inhuman act by the Indian state and the ruling class of this nation. It shall never be forgiven or forgotten. We live in a system where human life means nothing to the ruling class.

1984 is not the only incident where people were dragged out of their homes, killed and raped. The 2002 genocide in Gujarat was no different, nor the 1992 “riots” in Bombay. Thousand of innocent men, women and children were brutally murdered. The Indian state has always followed in the footsteps of the British policy of divide and rule. Other states in the world are no exception and the greatest example of that is the US state; for instance it declared war on terrorism after the incident of 9/11 which it had orchestrated itself and killed hundreds of its own citizens. The US state thereafter took it as its right to invade any nation in the name of war against terrorism and specifically targeted the Muslim population all over the world declaring them as extremists or fundamentalists. It made sure that the world feared and distrusted them. The same has been done in our country as well. The Indian state itself organises communal violence in order to implement the will of the ruling class when it faces strong opposition from the people.

It doesn’t matter which party comes to power and forms the government; they are merely a tool of the capitalist class to suppress the working class. 1984 and 1992 incidents took place when the Congress was in power, 2002 incident took place when the BJP was in power in Gujarat. The guilty are not punished but instead promoted and rewarded. Media is another tool that is used by the capitalist class to fool people. In all the communal violence incidents that have taken place, a picture is portrayed where people are shown to be communal. CGPI has worked amongst people for so long and constantly emphasized on the reality that people are not communal, it is the Indian state that is communal. These same people have saved their neighbours from getting killed during these riots.

The recent pandemic is another proof that human life means nothing to the capitalist class. While thousands lost their jobs and couldn’t afford to have one meal a day, while people were dying of hunger and lack of basic medical facilities, the capitalist class of this country increased its wealth exponentially! In the existing system the working class is always going to suffer at the hands of the capitalist ruling class. It is a system where exploitation of humans on humans knows no bound. It is a system where those in power are not accountable towards the majority of the people.

We need a state which protects everyone’s right to life, right to conscience and all other human rights and democratic rights. The state has to be the state of working class in alliance with the peasantry. This will be a system free of exploitation and suffering. So, let us pledge and work to escalate the struggle for truth and justice, with the perspective of establishing the rule of the working class and toiling majority!

Yours sincerely,
Gauri, Mumbai

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