Party Conference in Delhi on the present situation and our tasks

The Delhi Regional Committee of the Communist Ghadar Party of India organised a conference on 5 June, 2022.  A presentation on the present situation and our tasks was followed by a lively discussion that went on for several hours.

The discussion highlighted the terrible conditions of workers in Delhi. Hundreds of nurses and health workers, hired on contract to serve in the government run Covid centres, are being mercilessly thrown out of their jobs. Youth working in delivery services are made to work for extremely long hours each day, at miserably low wages and no job security. Those who had been forced to work from home are having to work for more than 18 hours a day for no extra pay.

The new labour codes are depriving women of their basic rights. Night shift work for women has been allowed, to maximise capitalist profit.

While workers are uniting to fight for their rights, the rulers are launching one attack after another to suppress their struggle. Protest demonstrations are banned and people are being persecuted.

Participants exposed the truth about the recent incident of violent clashes in Jehangirpuri in North West Delhi. The media spread the false propaganda that these were communal clashes between people of different religions. In reality, the violence was unleashed by gangs from outside the locality. People of different religions have been living together in the area for decades.  They came out on to the streets to help those who were attacked.  They provided food, shelter and medical aid.

Many participants denounced the demolition of homes of working people as a blatant attack on their right to housing.

Several speakers denounced the program of privatisation, that is, the sale of public assets and services to private companies.  Capitalist crorepatis are expanding their wealth rapidly while the working people have to pay more for electricity and water supply, for bus and rail transport as well as education and health services.

Lack of access to good quality education at affordable rates is of major concern among the youth and their parents. The Covid-19 pandemic and repeated lockdowns have wrought havoc in the education of school and college youth. The need to invest in digital devices and systems has imposed additional financial burden on many working-class families.

The Conference resolved to build and strengthen party organisations and mass organisations in workplaces and residential areas.  It emphasized the need to combat the politics of ‘divide and rule’ and escalate the struggle of all working people against the monopoly capitalists and their rule.

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