Indigo Airlines workers struggle for their rights

Workers of the Indigo Airlines including flight crew, technicians and other ground staff have taken the path of struggle in defence of and to assert their rights.

On 8th and 9th July technicians at the Delhi and Hyderabad airports did not turn up for duty citing that they were unwell.

Workers of Indigo Airlines on strike (File photo)

The Indigo technicians and airline engineers are demanding better working conditions along with hikes in their salaries. Currently, they are forced to work for long hours. The Indigo management has turned a deaf ear to their demands, forcing the technicians and engineers to take the path of resistance and struggle in demand for their rights.

Earlier this month, on 2nd July, the entire cabin crew of Indigo skipped duty on the excuse that they were unwell leading to many flights being delayed and many others cancelled. The pilots along with the cabin crew are fighting against the unjust rules brought in by Indigo management during the COVID-19 Pandemic to cut their salaries. The Indigo management did so citing dangers of flying during the pandemic (i.e. decrease in number of people flying). The pilots and cabin crew informed that in spite of air travel resuming and increasing post-pandemic, cuts in their salaries are still in force. It has come to be known that the Indigo management has agreed to an increase in salaries of the pilots and cabin crew after the event on 2 July.

In India and across the globe, airline owners have thrown the burden (financial) emerging from the pandemic onto the shoulders of the airline workers (pay cuts, long hours, etc.). Many airline workers have lost their jobs. Workers who still have their jobs are left to deal with heavy pay cuts and massive increase in their workload. World over airline workers are fighting against these attacks on their rights.

The struggle of the Indigo Airlines workers is completely justified!


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