On the 21st Anniversary of the September 11 Terrorist Attack:
Criminal US imperialist drive for world hegemony

At a time when the US leaders are pretending to be upholding a “rules-based international order”, it is necessary to look back at America’s track record of violating all agreed-upon rules and norms of international relations, which have been carried out in a highly aggressive, meticulously planned manner, especially since 2001

On 11th September, 2001, about 3000 people were killed when two airplanes crashed into the twin towers of the World Trade Centre in New York, and a third plane crashed into the Pentagon in Washington. This terrorist attack was used by the US to justify launching armed aggression against one independent state after another, under the signboard of waging a global “war on terrorism”.


Immediately following the 9/11 attack, the US President declared that it was a conspiracy hatched by an Islamic terrorist group called Al Qaeda, with the support of the Afghan government. This conspiracy theory was spread by the US propaganda machine, without any shred of evidence. It was used to justify launching an armed aggression by American and British troops on 7th October, leading to the occupation of Afghanistan by foreign troops.

The aggression on Afghanistan began just 26 days after the 9/11 terrorist strike. Several American war veterans have pointed out that a large-scale war effort such as this one could not have been prepared and launched in such a short time. Preparations must have begun much earlier. The 9/11 events provided the pretext to implement what had already been planned. The armed occupation of Afghanistan continued for the next 20 years. It is estimated to have caused the death of 2,43,000 people during 2001-2021.


The US claimed that according to its intelligence sources, the government of Iraq headed by Saddam Hussein was in possession of dangerous “weapons of mass destruction”. This has by now been exposed as a deliberate lie. It was used to justify an armed aggression on Iraq, starting on 20th March, 2003. It was carried out by an America led group of invaders, calling themselves the “coalition of the willing”. The America led war and occupation of Iraq is estimated to have caused more than 4,00,000 deaths during 2003-2011.

Neither the armed invasion of Afghanistan nor the armed invasion of Iraq had the approval of the United Nations. They were opposed by many countries and peoples around the world. However, in both cases, the US violated all accepted rules of international relations and trampled on the right of nations to self-determination, causing death and destruction on a colossal scale.


In March 2011, the US and its NATO allies unleashed their fighter jets to rain bombs on Libya. It was portrayed as being in support of rebel forces within Libya, who were fighting to overthrow the allegedly evil regime of Gaddafi. A massive worldwide campaign was launched to portray the regime in Libya as a violator of human rights. It included fake video clips of Libya’s security forces raping women and firing on groups of its own citizens.

The military commander of the rebel forces was a man who, in collaboration with the CIA, had set up a so-called Libyan National Army in Virginia state of USA to train armed groups to topple Gaddafi.

The NATO forces rained death and destruction on Libya and its people from the air for over seven months. They ruthlessly destroyed schools, hospitals, highways, telecommunication networks, as well as irrigation and drinking water networks. In October 2011, they captured Colonel Gaddafi and brutally executed him, without any kind of trial.

The over throw of the Gaddafi regime was carried out in blatant violation of the right of Libyans to determine their own destiny. Libya was thrown into anarchy with warlords backed by the imperialist powers trying to carve up the country and its resources. The monopoly companies of the US, Britain, France and other imperialist countries seized control of the oil resources of Libya – one of the richest in the world – and all the installations of its oil industry.


Even as they were organising their brutal aggression, conquest and plunder of Libya, the US-led imperialist coalition began covert operations within Syria. They armed and financed opposition forces with the aim of toppling the government of Bashar al-Assad and replacing it with a regime which will be under their control. US imperialism and its allies launched a massive disinformation campaign to propagate the lie that the Syrian government was using chemical weapons against its own people.

In September 2014, American and British fighter jets rained bombs on Syria. It was an action that violated all international norms. One of the rules of the United Nations, for instance, is that when the Security Council is considering any matter, a UN member state is not permitted to go to war. The UN Security Council blocked the demand for a US invasion of Syria. However, the US went ahead with the invasion, under the garb of waging war on terrorism.

In April 2018, the US, Britain and France launched missile attacks on Syria. The illegal intervention by these powers for almost a whole decade has served to prolong the conflict in Syria, which has destroyed lakhs of innocent lives. It has led to the devastation of whole cities and large parts of the countryside. It has led to the forced migration of millions of Syrians.

Strategy and Tools of US imperialism

The strategy of US imperialism is aimed at preventing any real people’s revolution, on the one hand, and at weakening and wrecking any state that stands in the way of its hegemonic drive, on the other hand. To achieve these aims, the US imperialists have developed and deployed two major tools. One is the covert sponsoring of terrorism and open waging of the so-called war on terrorism. The other is the organising of so-called pro-democracy and anti-corruption movements.

The US and its intelligence agencies were the original creators of various terrorist groups, which they financed and armed to fight the Soviet occupation troops in Afghanistan in the 1980s. After the Soviet army withdrew from that country in 1989, these terrorist groups were used for achieving the aims of US imperialism in various countries.

The terrorist group known as Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) became well-known when YouTube video clips were widely circulated, showing the alleged beheading of an American journalist. This video clip was later forensically proven to have been manufactured using hired actors.

Along with covertly organising terrorist acts and using them as justification for wars of conquest and armed occupation of independent countries, social media has been used to bring youth on to the streets, in various so-called coloured revolutions. These include the Orange Revolution in Ukraine, Jasmine Revolution in Tunisia, Lotus Revolution in Egypt, Rose revolution in Georgia and the Tulip Revolution in Kyrgyzstan. In every case, the so-called revolution has resulted in the establishment of a pro-American regime in that country.


The past 21 years since the 9/11 terrorist attack have clearly shown that both terrorism and the so-called War on Terrorism are tools in the service of US imperialism to maintain its supremacy and pursue its goal of a unipolar world under its dictate.

The armed occupation of Afghanistan and Iraq served to expand the American sphere of influence in the oil rich regions of Asia. They served to encircle Iran from the east and from the west. The destruction of Iraq and Libya served to sabotage the efforts of the governments of Saddam Hussein and Gaddafi to conduct oil trade in Euros instead of the US Dollar. The prolonged wars in Syria and Ukraine serve to sustain the American military-industrial complex and their export of war weapons. They also serve to weaken Russia.

US imperialism is responsible for the world being burdened with destructive wars in one country after another during the past 21 years. It is the state which has repeatedly violated every rule and norm of state-to-state relations that has been agreed upon since the Second World War. When President Biden speaks about a “rule-based international order”, it means that US imperialism is demanding that all other states in the world must submit to the rules laid down by the USA, to enable its own hegemony over the world.

The real mastermind?

Many professional engineers have pointed out that the twin towers in New York could not have completely collapsed the way they did as a result of planes crashing into upper floors. The way these buildings crumbled indicates that bombs must have been detonated at the foot of the steel columns. The fact that there has been no official probe into this question points to the possibility that the real mastermind behind the 9/11 attacks was located within the US state itself.

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  1. I fully agree with you on the international situation. America is the number one enemy of the people of the world. Though inter imperialist contradiction will weaken the imperialists Marxist Leninist should not put forth it as a tactics in their struggle instead we should strive for continued cooperation and coordination between workers of the capitalist countries and oppressed masses of the neocolonist countries in their struggle for socialism and national liberation against imperialist system as a whole. There is no support for any imperialist in their war for redivision of the world.

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