Workers in France oppose government’s plan to raise retirement age

French_workers_protestsFrench_workers_protestsTens of thousands of workers across France held protest demonstrations and rallies on January 31, the second time in the same month, to denounce the government’s new bill which proposes to raise the retirement age from 62 to 64. Earlier, on January 19, more than one million workers had participated in a one day strike, demanding that the new bill be scrapped and the retirement age be restored at 62.
The strike disrupted work in the refinery deliveries, public transport and schools. Nearly half a million people were reported to be protesting in Paris alone.

The French government has refused to negotiate with the workers on their demand, with the claim that paying pension to workers after the age of 62 is “not financially feasible”. Workers throughout France have rejected this claim of the government and are boldly challenging it on the picket lines.

French_workers_protests French_workers_protests

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