Protest action by Indian Workers Association (Great Britain) in support of Indian Women Wrestlers’ just demands!

Report by IWA(GB) correspondent in London

Activists of the Indian Workers Association (Great Britain) gathered in front of the Indian Embassy in London on Saturday 20th May to express their solidarity with the women wrestlers protesting at Jantar Mantar in Delhi. Representatives of IWA addressed the participants. They demanded that the Indian state take strict action against the accused.

Slogans such as “Punish the guilty!”, “Justice for Women Wrestlers!”, “Whom does the Indian government support? – the criminals!”, resonated with the anger of the Indian community in the UK against the Indian state.

Speakers at the protest demanded that the Indian state should provide protection to women against such harassment. The protesting wrestlers have contributed to raising the name of the country in the international sports arena and deserve the state’s support to succeed further in their noble efforts.

The speakers pointed out that the Indian state serves the interests of the big corporate houses such as Tatas, Birlas, Ambanis and Adanis. The BJP, Congress and other mainstream political parties faithfully implement the agenda set by these corporate houses. The Indian state has a track record of arresting, torturing, even murdering people fighting for justice, while letting criminals go unpunished.

People cannot rely on any of the organs of the state for justice. We must rely on the unity of all the fighting forces, against the tyranny of the Indian state, they concluded.

IWA(GB) is proud of the valiant struggle waged by the women wrestlers in India and all those fighting against exploitation and oppression. We stand shoulder to shoulder with them in this struggle. More protest actions will be organised by IWA(GB) and other progressive organisations in Britain in solidarity with the just demands of the women wrestlers.

Punish The Guilty!
Justice for the Women Wrestlers!
Victory to the Women Wrestlers Struggle!

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