Workers cannot tail behind this or that bourgeois party!

Dear Editor,

This letter is in reference to the article “Karnataka Elections 2023: Illusion of Change.” This important article must be spread widely in the working class.

Capitalists choose and fund certain big parties to push their own policies and agendas and fulfill their profit-driven aims. The mainstream media, which is controlled by capitalists, works 24/7 to deceive the masses into thinking that one or another bourgeois party is the “solution.” Crores are spent in election campaigning to ensure total deception.

The article rightly says that “no bourgeois party has any solution to offer for the acute problems of unemployment and under-employment.” As we are aware, the capitalist class benefits from having an army of the unemployed at their beck and call.

Similarly, no bourgeois party will take measures for workers’ welfare, or implement policies for preserving the environment, or work towards ending women’s exploitation and communalism. Higher the exploitation of workers and natural resources, higher the profit. The more the masses stay divided, the easier for the capitalist system to continue unimpeded.

That the Karnataka election results are being promoted as some sort of victory is frustrating. The winning of one bourgeois party over another makes no difference to the working class.

Mazdoor Ekta Lehar has consistently exposed the real nature of the capitalist dictatorship under the guise of parliamentary democracy. It has shown that the problems of environmental degradation, communalism, women’s exploitation, workers’ exploitation, casteism, racism, and lack of access to health and education cannot be seen in isolation. These problems are created by or exist to serve the present capitalist system.

Workers must realize this and must not fall prey to the manufactured deception of the “lesser evil.” It is the duty of working class leaders and activists to reveal to the masses their real enemy.

Attacks on the working class in the form of privatization, increased contractualization, increased working hours and unemployment are on the rise. At such a time, it is critical that we build unity around an accurate understanding of our struggle, which is a class struggle towards establishing the rule of workers and other toilers.


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