Farmers struggle in Hanumangarh

The farmers of Hanumangarh district of Rajasthan have been continuously fighting for the demand of water.

Struggle against illegal outlets from irrigation canal

Ramgadh_Water_demand_11 JuneFarmers of sub-tehsil Ramgarh submitted a memorandum to Naib Tehsildar on June 18, demanding adequate supply of irrigation water from Amarsingh branch and closure of illegal levees. This memorandum was issued in the name of the Chief Minister of Rajasthan.
Mazdoor Ekta Lehar has been continuously reporting that the Amarsingh Branch Sangharsh Samiti and Lok Raj Sangathan have been demanding that the illegal outlets on the canal be stopped.
The farmers have said in the memorandum that the outlets in the main canal of Amarsingh branch is taking more water than what is allotted. It has been demanded that these outlets should be installed according to the size, drawing and design.

According to the memorandum, there are 30 outlets which are against the rules. More water is being taken by them than the prescribed capacity, which is clear from the hydraulic survey conducted in the month of February. According to the agreement between the Amarsingh Branch Sangharsh Samiti Nohar-Bhadra and the Irrigation Department, these outlets were to be fixed between April 15 and May 15. But it is unfortunate that no action has been taken so far.

The farmers demand that the theft of water should be stopped by ensuring the correct size of these outlets immediately, so that sufficient quantity of water can be made available to all the farmers.

Farmers of Bhakra canal area surrounded collectorate and SP office

Hanuman_Gadh_Bhakhda_Padaw_2Due to lack of irrigation water, farmers of Bhakra region are not able to sow Kharif crops. Angry farmers laid siege to the collectorate on 12 May. During this, the officers of the District Administration and Irrigation Department also reached for talks, but on not getting any assurance from the officers, the angry farmers sat on the main gate of the collectorate and started an indefinite bandh. On 22 May the government announced that more water would be released, after which the bandh was lifted.

Supporting this agitation of the farmers, the traders of the mandis attached to the Bhakra canal area kept the mandis closed and did not allow the sale of any item.

All India Vice President of Lok Raj Sangathan, Shri Hanuman Prasad Sharma addressed the agitating farmers and supported their struggle.

Farmers of this region participated in the demonstration in large numbers. The representatives of the farmers present at the venue said that the government cheats the farmers every time. It is reluctant to provide irrigation water to the farmers on time. Because of this, sowing is not done on time.

The farmers of Bhakra canal area first blocked the collectorate gate. After declaring indefinite bandh in front of the collectorate gate, the farmers also staged an indefinite bandh in front of the SP office gate in the evening.

Struggle to stop the train at Ramgarh railway station and upgrade the station

Farmers of sub-tehsil Ramgarh are agitating to stop the Jaipur-Loharu special passenger train at the local railway station. At the same time, the farmers have won the struggle for the demand of renovation of Ramgarh station.

Struggle to halt the train at local station

Ramgadh_Station_Rail_Mamo_11-MayFarmers and local residents of sub-tehsil Ramgarh under the leadership of Lok Raj Sangathan handed over a memorandum in the name of the Chief Minister to the driver of the Jaipur-Bathinda passenger train.

It has been said in the memorandum that from May 11, 2023, the Jaipur Loharu special passenger train number 09603/04 has been extended by the Railways to Bathinda. Railways have ignored the rural stations by not stopping at small stations even though they are passenger trains.

As per the memorandum, Ramgarh village is the headquarter of the tehsil and the largest gram panchayat on the Sriganganagar-Sadulpur track. Despite Ramgarh station being small, people from half a dozen nearby villages travel daily from here. While more tickets are booked at Ramgarh station than stations like Anupshahar, Khinania, yet this passenger train is not being stopped at this station. Therefore, keeping in mind the sentiments of the common man, train number 09603/04 Jaipur-Bathinda-Jaipur must ensure stoppage at Ramgarh station.

In this, a warning has been given that if this train is not stopped at Ramgarh station, then the Rail Roko movement will be started by all the residents of the area. If the movement takes a violent form, then the Railway Department will be fully responsible for it.

Victory in the struggle to upgrade the station

It has been continuously reported in Mazdoor Ekta Lehar that the people of Ramgarh sub-tehsil have been demanding that the railway station here be renovated.

As a result of this struggle, the renovation work of Ramgarh station has started. The ticket office here is being improved. An over-bridge is being constructed. With the construction of this bridge, people will not have to face any inconvenience while crossing the tracks. At the same time there will be no danger to anyone’s life.

Another problem that people had put forward before the government was to increase the height of the platforms here, so that people would not have to face difficulties while boarding the trains. The work of increasing the height of platforms has also been started.

Thousands of passengers traveling from Ramgarh station will be benefited by the victory in this important struggle.

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