Canadian public sector workers demonstrate in Montreal

Montreal-FrontCommunMore than 1,00,000 public sector workers marched through the streets of Montreal on 23rd  September  2023 to demand their rights. They were joined by care givers from childcare centres, teachers, students and many others. They came from all corners of Quebec to show the government that they do not accept its dictate and the terrible working and living conditions it imposes on them. A wave of banners, flags, caps and scarves fluttered with the slogan: “We with One Voice!” marking the unity of all public sector workers in their demand for working conditions worthy of their social responsibilities.

The demonstration ended at the Place des Festivals, where all the speakers affirmed that it is the hundreds of thousands of public service workers who provide services like health and education to the whole population. They said that the vast majority of people of Quebec support their struggle. They pointed out that the government s refusing to negotiate on the demands of the workers and is therefore responsible for the disruption of these services.

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