World-wide protests against Israel’s ongoing massacre in Gaza

Massive protest in London on 25 Nov 2023 with hundreds of thousands of participants

World-wide, protests against Israel’s ongoing massacre in Gaza are intensifying. Protests have been reported, from the United States to the United Kingdom, Russia to Malaysia, and the boycott of Israeli products is growing.

Protests were held on 17th November across Mexico City, Rotterdam, New York, Baghdad, Rabat and elsewhere. Protestors –university students, school children and journalists- continue to protest despite reprisals from the authorities.

Students in several universities across the US and Europe have staged walk-outs of their classrooms to demonstrate their condemnation of Israel and US state support for the inhuman killing. On Wednesday 25th October 2023, students at more than 100 U.S. college campuses staged walkouts demanding an end to U.S. aid to Israel and calling for a  ceasefire in Israel’s assault on the Palestinian people in Gaza. In Columbia University, students demanded that the University boycott Israeli institutions.

Protests in Universities across the Globe

Columbia University, NY, US

MIT, Cambridge, MA, USA

Spain Madrid students protest

Sydney, Australia School students’ protest

Students across Spain held a second strike on 17th November following similar action last month, to oppose the genocide of Palestinians. University and high school students gathered in 38 cities, including Barcelona, Valencia, Seville, Malaga, Bilbao, Zaragoza and Madrid.

Indonesia-Jakarta_boycott-mcdoHundreds of high school students in Australia skipped school to participate in a demonstration calling for an end to the Israel-Gaza war.

In Indonesia, consumers began boycotting Mcdonald’s and other American businesses in mid-October after McDonald’s Israel announced on social media that it had handed out thousands of free meals to the Israeli military during its war on Gaza.

Cape_OrlandoOn 3rd November, protesters demanding a cease-fire in the Israeli war in Gaza blocked a U.S. military supply ship leaving the Port of Oakland for hours by locking themselves to the vessel. The protesters also blocked the entrance to Berth 20 where the container carrier Cape Orlando was moored shouting slogans like “No more U.S. military aid to Israel”.

In a powerful demonstration on 23rd November in Baghdad, hundreds gathered in passionate support of ceasefire in Gaza. The streets resonated with the unified voices of protestors condemning and denouncing the ongoing attacks. The protestors condemned US support for Israel and its war mongering actions against Syria and Iran.

Protests across the globe against genocide of Palestinians

Brooklyn bridge, New York, USA (25 Nov 2023)

Buenos Aires, Argentina (24 Nov 2023)

Rotterdam, Netherlands (20 Nov 2023)

Barcelona, Spain (24 Nov 2023)

Every day, tens of thousands of Israelis take out marches in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv demanding that the Netanyahu government stop the attacks on Palestinians and ensure the safe release of their loved ones held hostage. Public anger in Israel has been growing, with families of many of the captives held in Gaza bitterly critical of the government’s response and calling for their relatives to be brought back home.

Meanwhile, reporters in various media companies have been penalised for reporting the reality about events in the Gaza strip. The BBC has taken six reporters in the Middle East off the air, for reports in support of Palestine and critical of Israel. The Guardian is also considering similar action against a cartoonist while a Philadelphia paper has dismissed a sports reporter for tweeting support for Palestine.

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