Letter to Editor on the speech at 43rd anniversary of CGPI

Dear Editor, first of all I convey my hearty congratulations on the occasion of the 43rd anniversary of CGPI. The speech once again reiterates the commitment of the party to awaken the working class and all sections of the oppressed people of India to the urgent need for putting an end to the capitalist system.

As pointed out in the speech, the rulers are trying to create the illusion among the people that the Amrit Kaal has started and that by 2047 we will have a ‘Viksit Bharat’. They are hiding the fact that since 1947 none of the promises that the rulers gave about prosperity and security for the people have been fulfilled. Then how is it possible that with the same orientation of the economy to make the rich even richer, the country will become a prosperous country?

They want to hide the fact that capitalist growth is incompatible with prosperity for all. It’s a zero sum game in the capitalist system where the big monopolies can advance their interests only by looting the people more. They are not able to answer why, if Amrit Kaal has really started, millions of people remain unemployed, homeless and illiterate. If people dare to criticise the system, the capitalist machinery is unleashed against them.

I wish the party and all comrades success in continuing to resolutely defend the scientific teachings of Marxism Leninism, organise the working class and make it conscious of its mission to overthrow capitalism and liberate Indian society from all forms of exploitation and oppression and advance on the path of building a socialist society.

Lal Salaam
Kumar, Coimbatore


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