A big and heartfelt congratulations to our Party

Dear Editor,

A big and heartfelt congratulations to Community Ghadar Party of India on the 43rd anniversary of the Party! In the speech on this historic occasion, the hidden and most open characteristics of the capitalist ecosystem are brought forward in the most simple and logical flow. Right at the beginning of the speech the hollow claims of the Indian ruling class of the “Amrit Kaal” and Viksit Bharat 2047” are destroyed bringing to light the true nature of the prevailing economic system. It is clear that the bourgeois class runs our country; in order to sustain its rule, it cynically utilises and reinforces feudal mind sets and structures. The capitalists maximise their profiles through the super exploitation of women, youth, workers and peasants. The entire speech reveals who really rules India!

This speech is a very important document, one that should be widely circulated. Most importantly the speech is a speech written by and for the working class. The clear and consistent stand of the CGPI in defence of the rights of workers, peasants, women and youth and the steadfast resolve to contribute to a revolution in the country which will bring about a fundamental change in who rules and owns the means of production, is inspiring and fills us with optimism! I wish CGPI many more years and increasing strength in achieving this important and necessary goal towards the future of humanity.

Sheela, Pune


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