Capitalist greed over their lives.

Dear Editor,

Your article, on ammonia gas leak at the CIL factory on January 11, 2024, reported the anger and concern of the people affected by ammonia gas leak. The demonstration held by affected people is a just response, as it impacts on their health. It reminds us of the horrific scenes and disaster of the Bhopal gas tragedy. The suffering of the Bhopal citizens and workers can never be forgotten.

It shows how the state supports the capitalist and multinationals every time allowing them to escape punishment. The greed of the super-rich is given prime importance, given priority and protected at the expense of thousands of people’s lives and safety.

Despite the opposition from workers all across the country, new labor laws and safety codes are being implemented. These new safety rules give factory owners a free hand by removing safety inspections and regulations.

The workers have no right to strike or express their grievances.

The situation defeats people’s sovereign right to safety and prioritizes capitalist greed over their lives.

We have no choice but to fight for an alternative system where safety and well-being are ensured for all, and where private profit is not the motive.


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