Guaranteeing Minimum Support Prices

Dear Editor,

I am writing in response to the article titled ‘Guaranteeing Minimum Support Prices (MSP) for all agricultural products is both necessary and possible’ published on 7th Mar 2024 on web edition of MEL. The article is very informative, easy to comprehend, a myth buster and an eye opener.

I want to highlight a few points from the article which really are the takeaways according to my understanding. There is a huge difference between a law which is present on paper and its enactment. There are many laws in our country which only remain on paper and need huge struggles for enactment. The reason for this is not the capability of the state but the nature of the state.

The article busts the myth that guarantee for MSP will lead to inflation in retail prices and higher cost of living for the working people. The truth is that the high retail prices are a result of huge profits being pocketed by private merchants and capitalist companies engaged in wholesale and retail trade.

The government’s claim that too little money will be left with it if it procures 23 major crops at MSP is also refuted when we consider that it is not going to keep the stock with itself but will sell and recover all the money spent during procurement.

The government is not agreeing to the Kisans’ demand for guaranteed MSP because public procurement at MSP is not in the interests of monopoly capitalists who want to reap maximum profits from agricultural trade.

All of us toiling people need to work in an organized way to set up workers’ and peasants’ rule in order to overcome the ills of the capitalist system.

Inquilab Zindabad!
Jeet, Mumbai

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