Operation Blue Star



I am writing to congratulate the bravery and courage of the CGPI in putting out the article `Anniversary of Operation Blue Star: State terrorism targeted against any community must be condemned' in the June 16-30, 2013 issue of MEL. As communists, it our task to constantly analyze the put forward the most principled statements based on rational analysis with the view of stabilizing the consciousness of the masses and the working class at any given point in time. In particular, the issue of communalism in India has been a crucible for the ruling circles to create mass confusion and disorient and divert the struggles of the people.

Thus a principled analysis of a watershed event in the history of post Independence India goes a long way towards the aim of creating an advanced consciousness, and anniversaries of such an event as this present a opportunity to do so. The article has summarized the scenario that came to be in the early 1980's with the rampant growth of capitalism in the agriculture sector. In particular, the so-called green revolution in Punjab led to mass discontent and the spectre of uprisings on a massive scale. By using the bogey of Sikh terrorism and with the use of massive state terror, the state apparatus, security forces, police and eventually the army, the state and the country came to witness a disaster on a scale not seen before. It is a shocking state of affairs that no one has been brought to book for the years of murders, assassinations, state organized riots and the 1984 Sikh genocide. Rather than face this fact, the UPA Government has chosen to raise the bogey of terrorism again. Thus the slogan of `unity and integrity of India' has proved to be one of great value to the ruling circles to discredit everyone and everything. The article must be particularly commended for its pitiless analysis of the target of state terrorism, which is the workers and peasants and peoples of oppressed nationalities, and that it is aimed at preventing an alternative system from emerging.

I therefore second the call that what is needed is proletarian democracy, as a harbinger of a system where workers and peasants will rule. I once again commend you for carrying this timely and informative article.


Narayan, Bangalore

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