Israel is to blame for the escalation of conflict in West Asia, not Iran

On 1st April, Israel launched a missile attack on the Iranian Embassy in Damascus, Syria. The Embassy was completely destroyed. A number of officials were killed, including Generals of the Iranian Army. It is a known principle of international relations that an attack on the Embassy of a country is nothing less than an attack on the country itself.

Neither the US imperialists nor their allies have condemned Israel for this brazen attack on Iran’s sovereignty. On the contrary, the leaders of the USA, Britain, France and Germany have all been calling upon Iran not to retaliate.

The Iranian government declared that it reserved the right to retaliate against the brazen aggression by Israel. At the same time, it was clarified that Iran would not exercise this right if the United Nations Security Council condemned and punished Israel. However, the UN Security Council did not take any action against Israel. This prompted Iran to retaliate on 13th April, in the form of a drone and missile strike on Israel.

Iran gave advance notice of its action to the US, Britain, and various other countries, including the countries over whose skies the Iranian drones and missiles would have to pass. The armies of the US, Britain and France collaborated with the Israeli army in shooting down the majority of drones and missiles. The Iranian government announced that the drone and missile attack targeted military bases of Israel, and no civilian areas were targeted. There were no Israeli casualties in the Iranian drone and missile strike.

According to news reports, at least two military bases of the Israeli Army, including one from which Israel had launched the terrorist attack on the Iranian Embassy in Syria, suffered damage.

The government of Iran announced that through this attack on Israel, it had sent a clear and strong message to Israel and other countries that it would not compromise on any attack on its sovereignty. With this, it considered the matter of responding to the terrorist attack by Israel on its Embassy in Syria closed. It said it would do nothing more to escalate the conflict with Israel. At the same time, Iran has warned that if Israel chose to attack Iran again, it would give a fitting response. The government of Israel has announced that it will respond with force at the moment of its choosing against Iran.

All the above-mentioned facts show that it is Israel and not Iran which is the source of the growing danger of escalation of the conflict in West Asia.

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