Statement of Indian Workers Association (Great Britain) on the occasion of May Day

Assemble at Clerkenwell Green from 12.00PM, Wednesday, May 1st 2024

Workers across the world will be marking May Day by holding marches and demonstrations in solidarity with working people of other countries who are waging struggles for their rights and an end to the exploitative world imperialist system. London will also be a focus of resistance to attacks on trade unions and continuing cuts on education, NHS, pensions, and social welfare services, whilst profits boom for the big capitalists.

On May Day, justice minded people across Britain will show their solidarity with Palestinian people against Israel’s war of genocide in Gaza, and arming of Ukraine against Russia in the war which the British capitalist government instigated along with the US imperialism. They will show their anger against racism, against privatisation of public services and sale of public assets to corporates at throw away prices and opposition to anti-worker legislations.

The situation in Gaza/Palestine has angered people worldwide. Big demonstrations are being organised in all parts of the world against the genocidal war by the Israeli government and the imperialist who are defending Israel. The students in US, Britain and many other European countries are protesting in the university campuses. Violent repression is being unleashed against students by governments of these countries. The pretext used is the lying claim of campus “antisemitism”. Intensifying brutal repression against protestors is a preparation for escalation of wars and further exploitation of labour of working people to maximize profits of monopoly capitalists. The US, Britain and other Nato countires have turned a deaf ear to the bombing by Israel of the Iranian Embassy in Damascus, Syria and are instead accusing Iran of being responsible for the danger of the war in the Middle East further escalating. They are pouring additional tens of billions of dollars for global military operations against Russia, China and Iran, thereby increasing the danger of a war engulfing more and more regions of the world.

Billions of pounds are used to finance these wars with money robbed from the wealth created by working people. The capitalists are trying to maintain and further increase their profits whilst people with jobs are being forced to turn up at food banks and the charities, to feed their families. The capitalist system has no concern for the wellbeing of working people but only cares about enriching the few at the expense of the vast majority.

Britain is going through local elections, mayoral elections and soon the general election will be declared. All mainstream parties are making false promises to the electorate, just to gain votes. The capitalists will use huge sums of money along with power of their media to bring into power government that will best serve their interests. Elections are merely used to legitimise governments through a so-called mandate from the people. The elected representatives are not answerable to the electorate and they cannot replace them if they do not keep their promises or do not uphold the interest of the people electing them.

The conservative government, led by Rishi Sunak has been providing billions of pounds to fuel the war in Ukraine and supporting the government of Israel in its policies of genocide of Palestinians. The Labour party and the Liberal Democrats pursue similar policies to further enrich business and financial oligarchs. Change of government through elections will not bring significant change for improving the livelihood of working people and toiling sections in British society. The present system needs to be replaced by an alternative system run for the benefit of the whole of society; instead of guaranteeing the profits of a tiny minority of capitalist exploiters. All progressive and revolutionary minded people must build a united front and focus on strengthening their unity against the common enemy, the Monopoly Capitalist System run by big capitalists.

We need a system where the economy is geared to utilise wealth created by working people to continuously raise the living and cultural standards of the majority. A system in which working people are decision makers in shaping policies affecting their lives. Only a socialist system offering prosperity and security for all can save humanity and create a bright future for wellbeing of all!

Workers of all countries, unite!
Long live Revolution!

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