Tragic Blast at Dombivli Chemical Factory

At around 1:30 pm on May 23, 2024, a catastrophic explosion rocked the Amudan Chemicals factory located in Phase 2 of Dombivli MIDC, Maharashtra. The incident, which was triggered by an unregistered boiler using highly reactive peroxides, without adequate safety measures, resulted in a massive fire and multiple secondary explosions. The blast claimed the lives of at least 10 workers and injured over 60 more, with 12 in critical condition in the ICU, making it one of the most devastating industrial accidents in the region in recent years.

The explosion sent shockwaves through the surrounding area. Witnesses reported hearing a series of loud bangs followed by thick plumes of black smoke rising from the factory site. The force of the blast was so intense that it damaged nearby factories and houses, scattering debris across a wide radius. It took several hours to get the fire under control.

The identification of the deceased proved to be challenging due to the severe nature of the blast. Body parts were scattered all over the site, making it necessary to rely on DNA testing to confirm the identities of the victims.

Residents living near the industrial area have repeatedly expressed their fear and anger over the lack of safety measures in factories and the lack of enforcement of regulations. Many have called for stricter safety protocols and more rigorous inspections of industrial units to prevent such tragedies in the future.

This was not the first major accident in the Dombivli industrial area. Similar tragic incidents have occurred in the past as well.

  1. Dombivli Chemical Factory Fire, 2016
    On May 26, 2016, a major fire broke out at the Herbert Brown Pharmaceutical & Research Laboratories in the MIDC area of Dombivli killing 12 people and injuring more than 150. The fire was triggered by a series of explosions caused by a boiler malfunction. This incident resulted in the deaths of 12 people and injured more than 150. The explosion was so powerful that it damaged nearby buildings and caused panic among residents.
  2. Dombivli Accident, 2018
    On May 26, 2018, a major fire broke out at a chemical factory, triggered by an explosion in one of the chemical storage units. This incident led to widespread panic among local residents due to the toxic fumes released into the air.
  3. Dombivli Accident, 2019
    In July 2019, another serious incident occurred when a boiler explosion at a chemical factory resulted in a massive fire. This accident resulted in the deaths of seven workers and injuries to several others. The explosion was so powerful that it was heard several kilometres away, causing windows in nearby residential areas to shatter.
  4. Dombivli MIDC Gas Leak, 2022
    In February 2022, residents of the MIDC area in Dombivli reported waking up to a toxic smell and experiencing symptoms such as watery eyes and respiratory issues. This was due to a gas leak from a chemical plant in the vicinity.

After every such incident, investigations have revealed lapses in safety measures by capitalist owners and lack of enforcement of safety regulation by authorities. The authorities have been promising to take strict action but have been allowing the factories to continue to run as before. Neither the capitalists nor the state authorities have any concern for lives of workers.

It is clear that the state government as well as local authorities are allowing capitalists to flout all safety norms, paving the way for more and more man-made tragedies.

The Communist Ghadar Party of India joins the families of the victims of the Dombivli blast tragedy in demanding strictest punishment for those in positions of authority, who are responsible for this tragedy.

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