Consequence of unbridled greed



I am writing to thank you for the informative article entitled `Floods in Uttarakhand:  Consequence of unbridled capitalist greed’ published in the July 1-15, 2013 issue of  Mazdoor Ekta Lehar, and would further like to extend my sincere condolences to the survivors of all the victims.  Indeed, as the article has pointed out, the situation is so tragic that has been pointless to estimate the numbers of those killed and the survivors who are left with nothing to fend for themselves.
It is important to point out that these events are less a making of the forces of nature and more a making of the forces of the economy driving the country.  The reckless plunder of the land and the people of India have ensured that such disasters will continue to plague us as long as capitalism is allowed to rum amok in the country. It has been proved that the economic activity in the region has been driven by the need for maximum profit by capitalist investors with no attention being paid to the devastating consequences. Indeed, all the norms established by scientific study have been flouted to exploit the natural resources of the region. Science and technology has not been deployed in the area for the well-being of the people indeed only for the benefit of the capitalists Government after government, irrespective of which party is or has been in power has carried out the same reckless policies. Even more disgustingly, there is now an entire industry revolving around relief operations, another opportunity for capitalist hucksters to reap profits from the misery of the people.

I would like to join the Mazdoor Ekta Lehar article in reminding the readership that there is an urgent need to put an end to the capitalist system based on greed for maximum profit.  This system is anti-human and completely against all the philosophical development of India which puts `sukh and raksha’ as the centre piece.  Let us work for a system that will prevent such disasters in the future.

A. Narayan,

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