Workers must wage uncompromising struggle for their demands



I thank you for carrying the informative report on the 45th Session of the Indian Labour Conference that took place in Delhi on 17th May, 2013. It is significant that the report has pointed out that nothing concrete came out of the session.  The report has clearly pointed out that demands of the worker’s unions tabulated therein have not been met and neither is there a mechanism for meeting these demands.  It is also instructive and significant that the following points were made by the Prime Minister in his inaugural speech which have been exposed as either lies or worthless:

  • inflation is good for both capitalists and workers,
  • the claim that there is no difference of opinion between capitalists, workers and central government over the implementation of labour laws,
  • on the nature of minimum wages,
  • announcement of a minimum pension of  Rs.1,000/ month ,
  • shelving of discussion on the demands for the abolition of contract labour in work of permanent or perennial nature, payment of wages and benefits to contract workers on part with regular workers, etc..

Thus the article concludes that in a system which guards and protects only the interests of the capitalists and worships the so called market forces, there is little that can or will be achieved by sessions of organizations such as the Indian Labour Conference. The fact is that it is not possible to harmonize the interests of capitalists and workers, and the fact is that the Government is that of the capitalists.

I join the article in echoing the call that “… the situation demands that all communists and activists of the working class wage the resolute uncompromising struggle in defence of the livelihood and rights and unite around the aim of establishing the rule of workers and peasants in place of the rule of the capitalist class”.

S. Nair


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