FBI’s “secret” visit to Kolkata

Allying with the world’s biggest terrorist in the name of “jointly fighting terror”

In early December some sections of the media carried a report that a seven-member team of the FBI (US Federal Bureau of investigation) was in Kolkata to question a person, who had been arrested on charges of being an “Islamic State terror group operative”. It was alleged that the so-called operative had plans to execute “attacks harmful for US interests”.

According to the news reports, the West Bengal state government authorities as well as the Home Ministry of the central government both claimed that neither of them had been formally informed about the FBI team’s visit. When West Bengal Chief Minister expressed her displeasure at not having been informed about the FBI’s “secret” visit to Kolkata and her government’s displeasure was conveyed by the DG of West Bengal police to the DG NIA, the NIA is reported to have replied that there was no need for them to have done so. The NIA is believed to have said that the Government of India has signed an international agency-to-agency cooperation agreement under which it is not necessary to inform the state government before calling FBI or any other international agency into the state.

This means that under the international agency-to-agency cooperation agreement that the Indian government is supposed to have signed, FBI has the authority to operate in any Indian state without the State Government’s consent or approval. It has been given the authority to do so, without even informing the state government or the Home Ministry of the central government.

This is an extremely dangerous trend, and of great concern to the people of our country. It is a direct attack on the sovereignty of our people.

The government of our country, headed by PM Modi, has signed agreements with the governments of various countries, including the US, to jointly “fight global terrorism”. However, in the name of “fighting terrorism”, it is shamelessly allying with the world’s biggest terrorist — the fountainhead of terrorism, US imperialism.

It is a well-known fact that US imperialism has organized and sponsored, trained, armed and financed various kinds of terrorist groups in different parts of the world. As and when required, US imperialism has, in a well-planned and coordinated manner, unleashed these terrorist groups to spread chaos and anarchy in specific countries and regions of the world. Its aim in doing so has been to destabilize any government that has dared to challenge US imperialist hegemony and dictate, to destroy the unity of the peoples in those regions, to devastate the economies of those countries, drive their people to destitution and ruin, as it has done and is doing in Syria, Libya, Afghanistan, Iraq and many other countries of Africa and West Asia. Many of the terrorist attacks that have taken place in our country and other neighbouring countries of our subcontinent bear the signature of US imperialism – even though they have been executed under various “false flags”. They have served to justify the Indian state’s heightened state terrorism against our own people, as well as rabid jingoism and warmongering against our neighbouring countries.

CGPI condemns the growing alliance between the Indian state and the US imperialists, which poses a grave threat to the independence and sovereignty of our people and to peace and security in the region.


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