Centenary Commemoration of Jallianwala Bagh

A function to commemorate 100 years of the Jallianwala Bagh massacre was held in Dhilwan village of Kapurthala district in Panjab on December 15, 2019. Speakers from Communist Ghadar Party, Desh Bhagat Yaadgar Committee and Shaheed Bhagat Singh Education and Cultural Association addressed the function.

Jallianwala bagh centenary

Speakers condemned the Jallianwala Bagh massacre carried out on Baisakhi day in 1919. The British Colonialist feared the rising tide of revolt by Indian masses against British Colonial rule.  The colonialists had been shaken by the revolt organized by the Hindustan Ghadar Party during the First World War. The Jallianwala bagh massacre was part of the attempt of the colonial rulers to spread terror amongst the fighting masses in order to crush the struggle for freedom.

The Indian state carries out attacks on people fighting for their rights, and serves to enrich big business corporates and finance capital. Like the British colonialists, the Indian state organises communal conflicts to divide people and disrupt their struggles. The ruling capitalist class ensures that only those parties come to power which implement its program.

The times are calling on workers, peasants, students and all toiling sections of society to come together under one banner to change this rotten oppressive system.   The working class must establish its own rule in alliance with the toiling peasantry. The people must become the decision makers. Then we will be able to ensure that the wealth produced by working people is deployed to continuously raise the material and cultural level of the people.

The speakers pointed out that the Communist Ghadar Party of India was formed in 1980 to continue the struggle for genuine freedom and independence and establish a system fulfilling the vision of our beloved Ghadari patriots such as Kartar Singh Sarabha, Sohan Singh Bhakna and patriots of the Hindustan Socialist Republican Association like Shaheed Bhagat Singh, Raj Guru, Sukhdev and Chandar Sekhar Azad; a system where working people are masters of their destiny.

The speeches were interspersed with progressive and patriotic songs, poetry and short plays. The people of Dhilwan expressed their pride in hosting this meeting in their village.


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